First Experience

Growing up with martial arts, thanks to my parents, it has become an intricate part of my life. There are principles in martial arts that have been consistent in all areas. Work hard. Be efficient. Calmness of mind helps you to prevail. As a daily meditator I have thought about many subjects. The point of Zazen meditation is to let thoughts go as soon as they enter your mind. This put me into a state of eternal beauty.

It was like feeling everything around you. You know and hear everything that is happening and yet just observing. There are no judgments or thoughts. The truck outside passed rather loudly which I thought would disturb my meditation and yet when I entered the principle of letting thoughts go it was simply a truck passing by, people doing their daily work, living a beautiful life. By letting thoughts go a person can observe and see life as it is. Life is a work of art. To take a moment in life to comprehend what that means is a great experience.

The three principals that I discussed in the introduction were magnanimous, nurturing and joyfulness.

Magnanimous means to think high-minded or noble. Realize that everything around us is a gift. We must understand that each person we meet, every place we go, every systematic thing that we hear, feel, taste or see is a wonderful gift. Be thankful that this has entered your life because it is an amazing experience that you get to have. This is your own special experience that you can use in any way that pleases you. Choose wisely how you use your gifts.

Nurturing is when you look at things from a parental stand point. Everything is amazing, and you have the choice to take care of that, leave it to make its own way or to stamp it out of existence. What choices do you have? When looking at everything and everyone in life pretend as if you want to care for it. Love it with all your heart and see how this can be a positive and amazing thing in the experience you are having. It is like you are the parent of everything around you. If you have children or pets you will begin to get a grasp of the nurturing mind.

Joyfulness is understanding the happiness in all situations. Be loving in the sense that this experience that you are having is unique to you. Love the experience. When you have feelings toward the experience listen to those feelings and then ask yourself what the most loving part of the experience you want to have. Enjoy all experiences. Even when you find yourself getting upset, angry or sad look at the experience in a loving way and see what you are learning. This will bring great joy to your life.