If you have been using some guided meditations in the past that are expected to work on healing or resolving different areas in your life or consciousness, why would not they be working?

A lot of audio meditations focus on altering your state to get out of the clutter of your 'monkey mind'. If this is done in a traditional zen meditative sense that can be a great thing because peace and de-stressed states actually exist where where your mind and body is not being overworked and taxed by incessant mental clutter.

Beyond just traditional meditation benefits though, there are a plethora of audio meditations that you can choose to get into deeper, relaxed states of consciousness to unwind from a long day, but what about meditations that say you will heal you in a specific area?

A lot of Western guided meditations may try to work on your 'conscious mind' to change your beliefs and thoughts on the conscious level.

The thing is your waking state of consciousness is more than just a generic conscious mind. More qualitatively, your conscious mind could have called your 'holy consciousness'.

Your holistic consciousness is really your mental, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual consciousness. These are different and unique types of conscious energies. You could call them Mind, Heart, Body, Sexiness & Soul. When you know how to more specifically connect and engage with these different types of energies in your waking consciousness, then you are able to heal and resolve issues in these areas of self.

And that is why you may find many guided meditations just do not have any effect or real transformation; they're only able to affect your generic conscious mind while bypassing the more specific energies themselves which violate your waking states.

The same can be said for hypnosis or subliminal audios that are provided to give you a result in a certain area; they may just have to be engaging a more specific energy instead of a general conscious or subconscious mind.

We have to go beyond a level of thought or affirmations with the conscious mind in order to heal yourself on the energetic levels of consciousness. Emotional problems are best resolved on the emotional level and not trying to squeeze 'heart' into a valuation and filter of 'mind'.

There are a lot of programs that work on changing your beliefs on the mental level, but you may have a lot of emotional or even sexual energy that is working against you in being congruent with that belief. You may have conditioned programs and social beliefs that are 'stuck' in your conscious energy but fortunately these can all be discharged with higher consciousness in that type of energy.

The evolution of guided audio meditation would be to work specifically in the different levels of holistic consciousness. Those guided meditations would actually speak to each of your different areas of consciousness which are not merely thought. Because the Western definition of self has not really adopted heart or sexual consciousness as part of self that is equal to mind, body and soul it also makes the challenge of emotional and sexual healing more difficult.

So if you want your current guided meditations to work more (after all they say what they should be paying in their titles and intention), either learn how to connect and engage your other areas of consciousness that is still resisting or bypassing the power of the meditation or discover some new guided meditations that actually know how to connect and transform on these other levels of the waking self.