Meditation Promotes Good Health

Practicing meditation on a daily meditation has a direct impact on the following and can help heal:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  3. Over weight
  4. Sleeping problems
  5. Fatigue
  6. Heart Disease
  7. Cancer
  8. Substance Abuse

Meditation Is The Key To Self Healing

Meditation is one of the key elements for self healing. In order for past hurts, trauma's and pains to be healed one needs to go through a process of bringing the pain out of denial andression and find acceptance for the pain so it can then be let go of and that healing can happen. Meditation can give us the inner strength, clarity and emotional readiness to go through a process like that. In meditation we can tap into an energy, the universal love, that has great healing powers and will help carry us through the deep valley's if needed. Meditation is there before the best tool for self healing.

On a daily basis meditation can assist us with the appropriate release and letting of the surplus emotions that are running inside of ourselves. Release until we can feel calm and at peace and thus reducing negative emotions to run our lives.

The Mind Becomes Your Best Friend

Meditation is directly related to a calm mind. The more we focus within and reach levels of connection to our higher self the more the mind will start to take a back seat in our lives. The more we face our fears and deep seated emotions inside in meditation the more our minds start to open and pliable. We all know the feeling of our mind being our worst enemy, whether that is through negative thinking, self judgments or bad assumptions and speculations. There is a way to stay open and relaxed even with all these type of thoughts going on. When we are able to stay open and relaxed we can hear the whispers, the words of truth from our higher intelligence. This is such a great experience and you realize, oh they were right, the truth is within. It is a also relief at times not to HAVE to listen to the chatter of the mind and just be able to shut it off.

Stay Focused on the Most Important Things in Life

A proper meditation practice guides us to focus on the only reality there is, the ultimate reality, and that is that love is the most important thing, we are all beautiful gems of light and separation is merely just an illusion. We are spirit in a body having an experience in a material body. Many are mistaken to think we are a material being having spiritual experiences. This perception has your priorities upside down and it will be difficult to find the meaning and fulfillment you are seeking in your life. In meditation as you keep visiting this place inside that is free from the suffering is connected to all of the intelligence in the Universe, you will see that your life's goals and priorities start to line up with your purpose and the higher good. This alignment brings meaning into your life, has you experience rich relationships and find fulfillment in carrying out your purpose.