I'm here to tell you that the old magics work. I do not believe in any fantasies. I'm a capital-C cynic who would point out that supernatural literal means 'not found in nature'. None of this matters. Magic works.

How can I say that I'm a skeptic and I believe in magic? Do not be ridiculous. Magic is not real and I never said that it is. I only said that it works.

What kind of magic? All kinds. Shamanism, Wiccan, Christian and D & D wizardry all work perfectly. You can use them to strengthen your health, predict the future, banish problems, win battles and receive the wisdom of the gods.

See, the magic of magic is not in some spirit realm. It lies in the rituals that people used to try (and fail) to invoke the blessings of pixies or whatever.

Magic is not real but its rituals are powerful. Why? Because your unconscious mind loves rituals. This is why you have your little good luck charms and superstitions. This is how going to the doctor and receiving no treatment can still cure you.

Rituals and symbols are why you feel submissive (or hostile) around cops. They are why you have a certain style of dress, even if that style is 'I pick whatever so I do not have to think about it'. Going to your favorite park or turning on the TV after a long day are both rituals.

Everything you do can get the benefits of the most powerful spellbook, even as you obey physics to the letter.

People recommend having a dedicated place in your home for meditation. The idea is that you'll associate the place and the state together. Simply entering your meditation space will plunge you into a deep, pleasant trance.

Definitely do this. Then go even further.

The best magical rituals in fiction use ancient words of power. Choose your mantra and use it while meditating. Which ancient words of power? It does not matter! The words are irrelevant but the ritual matters to your inner mind.

What spell would be complete without great hand flourishes? Do whatever feels natural. Use huge sweeping movements or subtrees caresses of the air.

Of course, the most powerful spells require you to have the right state of mind. No grump ever cast a Patronus charm. Find a state of mind that works for you.

None of these antics will do anything. At least, not at first. Keep them up and you'll associate them to the meditative state. When you do, you'll tap into the psychological principle behind every culture's ceremonies, chants, dances and festivals. Your inner mind loves rituals, so use them.