As you might expect, there are different opinions as to the best time for meditation, which means that there is no single correct answer to the question and to an amount it will depend on your own schedule. For instance, if the only time you can moderate is midnight then, for you, that will be the best time because it's the only available one. But, in general, there are some better times to meditate than others. We'll take a look at those here.

First thing in the morning

This time is used by a lot of people.

It sets you up nicely and relaxed for the day ahead, with your meditation putting you in a relaxed frame of mind.

It's also an easy way to ease yourself out of your night's sleep and into the routine of the day.

An even better reason to meditate first thing in the morning is that it does not give you a chance to put off your meditation. First thing – unless you've overslept – nothing has happened to get in the way of your meditative appointment with yourself.

If you're the kind of person who lets other things get in the way of this kind of internal appointment then first thing in the morning is an excellent way to keep to your routine.

And if that still does not work then set your alarm a bit earlier!

Last thing at night

This is another popular time to meditate and is the one I personally prefer.

I find that meditating just before I go to bed puts me in a relaxed state, ready for a good night's sleep. It gives me time to unwind the stresses and strains of the day and lets them melt away.

Some people disagree with this time but personally I find that it fits easily into my routine and I can almost always find the extra time to do this. So if you're having difficult fitting meditation into your routine elsewhere, give this a try.

In your lunch hour

If you've got a meditation routine that can fit into your lunch hour then this is great.

You'll need a lunch hour that is closer to the traditional 60 minutes than the more modern shorter lunch break, otherwise you will not get time to eat as well.

If you do not have time for food and meditating then a power nap can be a good substitute and will help you to be better prepared for your afternoon's work.

After work

If your work is stressful then meditating when it ends can be a great way to practice your meditation.

Unless you're a parent acting as a taxi for your children, it's another of those gap times in most people's schedule that means it's illegally to get postponed. And even if you are running other people's lives as well as your own, chances are that you can still fit this in – maybe while the dinner is cooking or between eating and watching all that “must see” television.

As you can see, there's no single correct answer. So experiment with your schedule and see what works out as the best time for meditation for you.