Meditation is the method of synthesis which can commune us with the whole cosmos, making us one with the Absolute. It does not impede mere sitting in a specific posture and practicing a few exercises or the very attempts of concentrating on a void … Basically for meditation three things are required:

  1. Meditator: the one who meditates.
  2. Meditating Object: the stimon upon which to meditate.
  3. Meditation Process: the process involved in meditation.

But, the meditating object should not be misinterpreted as anything external. As the mind is so fickle that at one moment, it is here and in a fraction of second, it is somewhere else. In our holy scriptures our fickle, wavering mind is compared to the flowing water, for, just like water, mind too has the tendency of flowing downwards. However, for a healthy, balanced, and morally high living, this downward flow of the mind needs to be reversed. Now can we reverse the direction of our mind flow? … We have compared our mind with water. How can we make water rise up? … Very simple! Just place the flame of fire underneath and water will start converting into steam, which has the tendency of rising up. The same way we need the flames of certain kind of fire that can evaporate and, hence, sublime our mind. But, what flames? And, which fire? Our great ones reveal that the water of our mind can be sublimated by the blazing flames of the fire of True Knowledge, or Divine Knowledge, or 'Brahm Gyan', imparted by a Perfect Master. For the opening of our inner world lies in the middle of the physical eyes called 'Divine Eye' or 'Third Eye' which can be opened through the eternal science of 'Brahm Gyan' only.

Meditation based on true knowledge controls and influences the human brain lobes … leading to a total brain development. But how? Actually true knowledge activates the Cerebrum (the largest part of the brain). The activation of the Cerebrum through true knowledge further exercises a positive effect on the Cerebellum or 'little brain', the structure that is associated with the regulation and coordination of movement, posture and balance. Not only this, even for the proper functioning of the Limbic system, the 'emotional brain', efficient working of the Cerebrum is required. Thus, true knowledge can control all levels of physiology.

One important question arises here: “What's the proof that the knowledge we receive from a Spiritual Master is 'True Knowledge'?”

Dear brothers and sisters, the only identification criteria for this is that you would be able to achieve the meditating object, which is nothing but our own True Self, our Pure Consciousness, as is hinted in the quotation by Swami Vivekananda:

If there is God we must see Him; if there is a Soul we must perceive it; otherwise it is better not to believe. It is better to be an outspoken atheist than a hypocrite.

Thus if the Spiritual Master enables you to see God and perceive your soul, then the knowledge imparted by Him is 'True Knowledge', and you can be confident that your Third Eye has been opened; for, without it, you can not be the Divine experiences within. Above all, this indicates the commencement of your spiritual odyssey!