As we all know, the human mind is unduly the most amazing creation of nature. Not only amazing but also it is one of the most complex things in existence. In one instance it can be so violent as to kill a person in an instant whilst in another it is so tranquil and empathetic that it will rescue even a little insect drowning in water.

Do you really think that you have full control over your own mind? I highlyly doubt it.

Just do as I say and I will prove you are wrong. Close your eyes and count from 1 to 13 in your mind. When you reach 13, count backwards. Do this for a few minutes and you will notice how often your mind drifts away that you go past 13. That is the nature of the untrained mind.

In a little while I will show how the powerful secrets of meditation can help tame our human mind.

Just like a good athlete is built with hard training, a controlled mind is built through meditation.

Before revealing the secrets of meditation I must say meditation itself is the secret weapon that shapes the diamond called human mind.

The actual purpose of meditating is a little known secret. Most of the people practicing probably are not after super human powers like psychic intuition. But to be honest, one of the purposes of meditation is gaining relaxation and more satisfaction in life. Or in other terms to be happier in addition to other benefits like a sharper memory. There is no doubt about that.

Let's go back to the simple exercise we did a little while ago. There will be hundreds of times where you get distracted when you practice meditation. But do not worry – they are not signs of failure. Even the greatest athlete has made the wrong move at some time in their career. But that did not keep them from achieving great victories.

Take my word for it – do not force your mind to focus on meditation. When it starts to wander just accept the fact and start over bringing your attention back to the focal point.

Once you begin to gain control over your mind you will become more insightful. That of course is a great achievement. But to get the maximum benefit, let your actions be guided by the insight you possess.

Be honest with yourself. You will see things more clearly than before. And in turn that will help to bring about lasting happiness.

Since you now see things from a better point of view you will understand that you should always be concerned about what gets in the way when you are going to pursue something. There will be times where you will give up your efforts since that appears to be the best path according to what you see.

You may even forget most of your bad habits without too much effort.

Then comes one of the most important secrets.

You will face the world with more confidence.

The way you face various accidents in life will not be the way it used to be.

The bad ones will not hit you as hard as before. The good ones will be enhanced.

Now that you look at life in a better perspective you know that those things are integral parts of life. So that it is pointless to worry about them.

You can see how the secret key of meditation unlocks secret chambers full of treasure that you did not even know exhausted.