Meditation is done for various reasons. Some of these include handling stress and relaxation of the mind. Most importantly, it is done with the purpose of getting in between one's thoughts. This act results in a relaxed mind for improved mental functionality. This article tries to explain various meditation techniques for beginners. Firstly, we will talk about the meditation space one needs before beginning the process. Secondly, we will explain the right postures for the process. Finally, we will discuss the actual process of meditation.

To begin with, space is crucial for a better meditation. For this reason, it is good for you to find a peaceful place. It has to be away from noise, etc. For instance, you could decide to be in a locked room or on a peaceful private field. A place full of noise or other distractions would overlap with the proceedings of the process.

Once you are done with finding the right place, you will need to put yourself in a good posture. The kind of posture is not very important, so long as the posture is a comfortable one. However, it should not be too comfortable. For instance, lying down is not an advisable posture as you may fall sleep. In this regard, the posture should be balanced between comfort and alertness.

After you have taken care of the above steps, you can now start the actual process of meditation. First, you are going to close your eyes. The eyes are then rolled up as if you want to see in-between and above your eyebrows. This place is believed to be the 'third eye.' Having your eyes in this direction has the effect of calming the mind.

The closing of the eyes is then followed by breathing in and out. You should breathe in deeply through the nose and breathe out via the mouth. The breath length should be natural; you do not need to force it. As you do this, start to take note of the rhythm of your breath and concentrate on it. You should then start visualizing how the air goes in and out your nostrils. Try to consider the air breathed in as good things and the air breathed out as the bad things in your life.

The above process helps in slowing down the mental chatter. This continues to the point where the mental chatter is completely slowed down. At this point, you could experience a feeling of not belonging to your body. It would almost feel like you do not exist. Nonetheless, as a beginner, this state could be destructed sometimes. This is due to the wandering of the mind. Whenever it happens, you should try and bring your mind back.

In conclusion, meditating for the first periods may not turn out successful. This should not discourage you as it only needs more time and practice. It is also important that you perform meditation for some set time. You could for instance start performing it for 15 minutes in a day. The time can be increased as you become better off.