Take time to notice your breath. Take a deep breath in, then breathe out … focus on this for a few minutes and let go of all thoughts and worries. How does this make you feel? For most of us this is a relaxing process, a way to calm down and reduce stress. Breathing is of course a necessity, yet it is also a sacred act that can help us focus and relax. We do not always realize that breathing is an essential tool that bridges mind, body, spirit and emotions. It helps each one of these parts and makes us whole in many ways. The simple act of focused breathing will help you become a more healthy and conscious person.

Meditation is about breathing. It is the practice of conscious breathing. Yet we can learn to stop any time and focus on our breath. It is the focus that really helps as your mind is also stepping back and taking a break from the current circumstance. Using a quick focused breathing technique is very effective when you are under stress or angry. The physical act of focusing on deep breathing, in and out, for just a minute or two can change your attitude and attitude very quickly. Start your day with a deep breathing exercise. Combine that with reflection, mediation or prayer and you have an excellent formula to make your day a positive one. You can also end your day this way. It helps to focus on something in your mind's eye such as a positive symbol or word. You can also just focus on the words “breathe in” then “breathe out” while you are doing so. Stressed during the day? Traffic or a time crunch got you stressed? Breathe. Focus your breath and relax; let go of the stress. If you learn to practice this on a regular basis it will help change your life. Give it a try.

How do we practice breathing?

1) Take time each day to work on focused breathing. Take deep breaths in and out.

2) When you are stressed or angry learn to step back and focus on breathing. Do this for 1-3 minutes and it should help.

3) Focused breathing is about letting go of your current thoughts and focusing on just your breathing.

4) It helps to focus on a positive symbol or word while breathing. Or just focus on the words “breathe in” and “breathe out”

5) Use this technique on a regular basis for stress reduction and conscious living.

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