It is often iterated in today's world that life has become extremely stressful, and we should keep practicing or looking for ways to calm our minds in order to lead a healthy life. It is also widely known by now that meditation is an old but one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. However, many of us, especially beginners, struggle to reach that point during meditation that is recommended by experts as the point where the mind is finally calm. Here we will see some of the handy tips that enable you to achieve a considering successful stage during the process of meditation.

Tip I: Counting

Remember those nights when we were too restless to fall sleep, and our guards used to ask us to count the number of sheep? Well, counting is a very simple yet effective method to calm your mind, the reason being that your mind, instead of going in all directions, concentrates on one particular mental activity. For beginners in meditation, counting can be very effective to get you started on the process. Close your eyes, and start breathing slowly. With every breath, increase your count. Your mind will wander at first, but after a few counts, you would notice that your mind is perfectly capable of shutting out the environment around you, and counting itself becomes passive. Start with a hundred counters per sitting, and increase as you get better.

Tip II: The Dustbin Method

This is a remedy that is often suggested by mental health professionals to those who are reeling under stress related conditions. This is another method that is very helpful for beginners. Close your eyes, and picture a dustbin of your choice. Be very specific about the size, shape and color of the dustbin, and remember what you have created. In the next step, try to empty your mind. In the beginning, you would naturally encounter a rush of thoughts, images, events, concerns, and so on. Identify them one by one, and throw them into your mentally created dustbin. But it will quite you will reach a point when you have nothing left to throw into the dustbin, and that that is when you have reached the point in meditation where your mind is really calm. Initially you might be able to achieve these moments of calm only for fractions of a second, but do not give up, it will slowly turn to minutes as you keep practicing. Just do not forget how your dustbin looks!

Tip III: The Naming Method

Most meditation experts suggest this method to successfully achieve a calm mind. It is slightly harder than the previous two methods, but very effective. Close your eyes, and breathe regularly. Start to concentrate on your breathing in and breathing out. Again, images and thoughts will start to run through your mind. Instead of trying to force yourself back to concentration start to name these thoughts on a verb. For example, if your first thought is about food, name the thought “eating”. Continue to say “eating” in your mind a few times, and without knowing, your mind will automatically fall back into concentration, and you will find yourself focused solely on your breathing again. Again, in the first few days of meditation, you will find yourself naming more often than focusing on breathing, but with time you will notice that your moments of calm are getting wider.

Someone once rightly said that health is wealth, and several research studies today suggest that a stress free mind is the key to a healthy body. So if a calm mind is all you want to achieve, why not try out the basic forms of meditation? It only takes a few minutes of your time every day, and costs absolutely nothing! Stay calm and healthy everyone.