When, through meditation, the mind calms down with the complete suppression of rational thought, surprisingly, we do not find a blank, stupefying vacancy but an unimaginably brilliant awareness. This is coupled with a sublime happiness and a pleasure so intense that, at first, it seems impossible to bear. Simultaneously with the death of the dualities of rational thought comes the death of everything they create – the ego and the external world of the senses: sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch. These no longer appear to the mind as they have been replaced with pure awareness. The labor and striving of trying to escape and control the world and all the disappointment and suffering these creators are absent as the mind, freed of its non-existential cruel master, the ego, functions spontaneously and effortlessly.

This clearly indicates that there are two levels to human experience, the conventional, ordinary, dualistic level of linear thought and the ineffable, effortless, ultimate level which is only experienced when duality is absent. As this level is reached after traversing and leaving behind duality, it is a reasonable deduction that it is deeper, more fundamental and truer than the conventions established by dualistic thinking. Since it is also the experience of sublime happiness and our deepest wish is to be happy, this experience can be seen as evidence that a final, ultimate reality exists and that there is our true nature is to be pure and happy, unblemished by any negativity. This is strengthened by the fact that as there is no duality operating, this state is independent of thought and free of any fluctuations which indicates there is an unchanging absolute.

These are reasonable conclusions based on an experience that is incontrovertible as the distortions of duality have long since been left behind. It is not intellectually generated speculation produced by imagination unrestricted by the data of experience. It is reasonable, transparent thinking which has the welfare of all that lives at heart. There is careful attention to detail, correct methodology and thought reaching a legitimate, trustworthy conclusion.

As this absolute or ultimate reality lies outside the reach of thought, nothing can be said about it. It can not be said to exist or to not exist. Furthermore, there is no other absolute, for if one looks for an absolute within the realm of ordinary or relative experience, no absolute can be found as everything here exists relative to everything else. Everything is propping everything else up. Nothing can stand on its own and nothing can qualify as an absolute since it keeps on changing with everything else. Nothing is unchanging and reliable. Although objects vividly appear due to operation of universal laws, they are empty of any true existence. The objects of experience are like a mirage. A mirage vividly appears to be water in the distance, but when you walk up to it to take a closer look, it disappears. When objects are analyzed to find their true existence, they divide into smaller and smaller parts. In the limit of this process of subdivision they disappear and absolutely no absolute existence can ever be found.

In ordinary or relative existence, everything exists relative to something else. If, for instance, we talk about an observed object, we must also talk about the observer. The observer only exists relative to the object and the object relative to the observer. The two define each other and together can exist independently of the other as then there could be no relationship of observing between them. Both would exist in an absolute abstraction, static and incompatible with anything. No change would be possible as there would be no relationship to effect the change.

This relative existence is called the relative truth as its objects are only true relative to other objects. It is not actually a truth as it is misleading. Its objects appear to have an independent reality when in fact they have a relative reality. They only appear true to ordinary awareness; absolutely they have no existence and are false. As long as we are prepared to accept them at face value, they appear to be true, but if we examine them carefully, we find them have no real existence.

The fact that all mental and physical objects disappear with the subsiding of dualistic thought indicates that thought is fundamental in the formation of the ordinary reality we experience. This further underlines that ordinary reality has no fundamental basis so that seeing it to be independently real is misleading. As the way we see things determines our beliefs and our beliefs determine our actions, it is essential that we see correctly. The pervasive presence of frustration, disappointment and suffering shows that we are not. As all this starts with the wrong view, the only way to correct it is to change our views.