Once you are on this journey of wisdom, you automatically develop and enjoy a connection with your fellow travelers; others like you who are on the same path as you. Keep this connection strong and support each other to grow. And of course keep your connections with your mentor / teacher / guru strong too as that will always inspire you and keep you growing.

True Wisdom leads to freedom and happiness; True wisdom is the greatest treasure as once it comes in, it never leaves you. Everything else is transitory as it comes and goes.

Life and relationships are impermanent there is no certainty. When we have comfort and luxuries in our life, we often become comfortable and complacent and forget how blessed we are. So we have them around us but do not really enjoy them consciously.

Again, only wisdom has the ability to make you enjoy every small thing in your life as a blessing.

Wisdom is the greatest treasure. It is the only thing that can ensure you a life of inner power, freedom and happiness. Wisdom will take you to a life of equanimity.

This is why it has been said by enlightened teachers “The price of wisdom is even above rubies”

But how do we harness the entire wisdom of so many thousands of years? How do we understand its application to us? How do we make sense of it to make our life better? What is the seed, the creation of this thing called life?

The first thing is that – You must give up the idea that you live in an unreal world! Often in many spiritual books it is written that we live in an unreal illusory world. But do not misunderstood this teaching. The world where you live and read this now is very real! This is where I experience life and everything in it.

Now let us move a step forward – How do I observe and connect with the experience that life provides me? How do I comprehend or become aware of what comes into my life on a moment to moment basis?

The connection between my external world and my inner experience of life happens first through my senses. My connection is through my eyes, which are the product of millions of years of evolution. I am a product of millions of years of evolution – just this awareness can make us humble. But what happens after my eyes pick up what passes in front of me … Do the eyes work alone or is there something deeper?

The eyes pick something up and then filter it through your mind where your past experience, conditioning and expectations live. In fact all your senses do this. They are connected to the mind without which no comprehension can happen. By themselves, the 5 senses can not make sense of anything … so the real question is – how do you make sense of it … how do you understand what you see with your eyes? How do you comprehend anything from this external world?

The key element in all this is the mind! Without the mind you are nothing.

So understand your mind, and you will understand how existence works, how life works.

Truth does not require Gods or religions, only you and your understanding.

The eyes, the nose, the ears – all the senses are connected to the mind, they derive their life through the mind. The mind is a filter through which everything in life passes before it becomes an experience for us.

How are you reading this now? It's through the eyes, but it means nothing to you without the mind to give it meaning and context. The sense you make of this moment, every moment and the whole experience of life depends on your mind, and this is why as I speak today, 15 people will pick up 15 different things. This is so because everyone has a different mind.

This makes you understand that there is no absolute reality, everything is relative. It also makes you understand that only when your mind changes, your life changes. Never before.

Understand the mind and you will understand everything.

Far greater than someone who has conquered the world is someone who has conquered himself or herself. Conquering yourself simply means first understanding your mind and then mastering it.

There is no world without your mind. Without the mind reality does not exist. Your mind is your reality! So there is no need to understand the Universe, or the gods, or anything external. Just understand this mind that is always a part of you, and you will understand truth.

There is a story about a Master and 2 students walking on a path along the mountainside. It is a windy day and the master spots a flagpole in the distance, where the flag is fluttering in the wind.

What do you see requests the master to his first student?

The first student studies the scene, contemplates and says that he sees a flag that is fluttering in the wind

The second student says that he sees the wind making the flag flutter.

The master then advises both his students that without their mind moving first, they would not even be aware of the wind or the flag. It is the mind that is moving and is deciding the immediate reality that the students experience, advises the master.

It is never about understanding what you see in life; it is about understanding the mind within us that creates the experience of life for us.

There is no need to master the external world, we must understand and master the inner world first; because that is creating our external reality.

And it is to master our inner world that we need wisdom and guidance and to be in the presence of enlightened gurus.

Our mind creates thoughts everyday, and these thoughts decide our experience of life; they create my happiness or unhappiness, high or low self self-esteem, good or bad feelings, joy or sorrow.

The world has not changed from yesterday to today; it's just my thoughts that are different from moment to moment, and so my experience of life is also different from moment to moment.

Training the mind is all you need to do; there is no need for sacred ceremonies or elaborate rituals. Keep it simple – simply train the mind.

Realize – It is ME that I need to work with; I am here to do work on myself.

If I need to see a different world, then I need to be a different person.

Have not the enlightened teachers said repeatedly – Be what you wish to see.

So now its clear that we need to work on the mind, but how do we train our mind? For the answer please read the second part here https://www.soulshop.org/content/spiritual-path-nutshell-part-2 .