“I am an immortal soul absolute energy emerging in blissful, infinite, universal rainbow radiance.”

We are not our physical body, our personality thoughts, feelings, or any concepts that we may have about ourselves. We are just as different from these things as we are from the clothes we put on on the morning.

We are Eternal vibrating spiritual sparkling vibrant beings. We are filled with luminosity. The more brightness we hold the closer we are to our original qualities. We hold qualities (in the form energy) of peace, love (pink), wisdom (golden), appreciation, humility, harmony, joy, bliss (lilac), health, abundance, freedom, serenity, strength, integrity, respect, dignity , compassion, forgiveness, will, brightness, creativity and grace. Through silent knowledge we remind ourselves or remember our innate nature. Once we know who we were, it's easy to become that; an infinite everlasting colorful light being!

When we loose our focus from our original identity. We became disconnected from the awareness of “I AM” and we encounter feelings of difficulties, hardships, lack, struggles, illnesses, loneliness, sadness, overwhelming, annoyance, disappointment, misery, depression, despair, fear, worries, envy, negativity, doubt, irritation, uneasiness, nervousness, vengeance, lack of confidence, uncertainties and so on.

Staying connected to God's brilliance & power is our ultimate aim.

This stage is also referred to as “Soul Conscious Stage”. When we are conscious, our attention is released from body consciousness, in other words diverted from all “matter referral” which is all (usually) matter including our Body. Everything that we can see with our physical eyes can be classified as “matter”. All matter at one point was once pure positive energy. Whatever we “feel” or “see” with our inner eye is referred to as non-physical “pure potential energies.”

To experience true aliveness in our life, we need to “Step Aside” and let GOD in. There are various creative methods to adopt or are recommended and one such highly effective method created and used by me is “The Luminosity Meditation” . When we manage to achieve persistence in our mind, we re-connect to God's energies and rejuvenate our soul.

Where & When to do the Luminosity Meditation?

Anywhere, Everywhere and Anytime! It's so easy and flexible that we can take our attention from the surrounding activities and center our thoughts inward.

This is an easy meditation using the simple visualization technique and can be performed by creating a picture in our intellect or subconscious mind, as described, in detailed below. Let yourself focus on the described process in your intellect as clear as possible. Do not worry if initially, it's not very clear. With practice, it will become easier to imagine. Let your mind clear and the stress slip away. Allow yourself to feel the presence of nature around you and focus on your breath as you take these steps.

With enough practice, we can do this meditation in our car, standing in boring supermarket queues, waiting for a bus or friends to arrive, taking a shower, eating meals, during lunch breaks, while taking a stroll in the park, at home, at work, while traveling on planes and busy airports, in short where and in all places.

How to do the Luminosity Meditation ?

STEP ONE: Imagine yourself standing under a multihued glistening light shower and visualize your light body and let the rainbow light in. Take about five deep breaths, and draw from the large (imaginary) shower head, rays of light. As you inhale keep yourself in the center of this circle of light. See magnificent rays of light coming from the top circle and entering your body at all points, centralizing itself at your solar plexus. If comfortable you can hold your breath for a few moments, focusing at this central point of your body; the solar plexus- then slowly exhale. As you do this, mentally see imaginary rays, or sprays, of rainbow light going up through the body, and down and out through feet. Mentally spray your entire body with this imaginary multitude of colorful light.

STEP TWO: Practice the multi-colored light waves spreading from the being and extending all the way to the front and touching the souls all around, Let the consciousness elevate their sadness and bring them to joy, help dissipate worry into relaxation, create relief and contentment.

STEP THREE: Whenever ever we feel stressed, let go of all the negative feeling in the form of dark colored light rays; like brown or black and greys.and pour it out from the imaginary holes in the fingers and toes. With our souls' inner eye, imagine the darkness leave the body through the toes and fingers … (its highly effective to combined this meditation while taking an actual shower).

STEP FOUR: Fill the hollow incorporeal body with beautiful lilac / golden glittering ray; Rays of white, pink, orange, golden, blue, yellow, silver and more.

The benefits of doing this meditation are astounding. It is an instant “Feel Good” or “Revitaliser”. It is an essential tool to help us jump inward Nodes. This practical impressive method commences to raise vibrations, we feel great immediately! Not only that but our feeling of joy will be contagious, as we will be able to influence, how others feel around us as well! Amazing hey!