Breathing meditation is one of the simplest and most powerful meditation anyone can perform. In fact, it is the basis of every advanced practice. Primarily, you will need 10 minutes a day if not more and some chair or cushion where that can keep your body straight.

This meditation is so simple, you can perform it anytime and almost anywhere. Make sure you do not do it at bus-stops or you might miss one.

Step 1. Sit comfortably, close your eyes slowly and do not worry too much about anything. It does not matter for now if there is any noise around. Just close your eyes and for some time try to be in the moment. Try putting on a timer if you need. Though, I suggest you simply sit and enjoy the grace.

Step 2. Observe your breaths. Focus. Feel each breath going inside, feel the moments of your body, your chest, your lungs, your nostrils. Feel each and every part of your body that's connected with breathing. Relax and simply focus on your breathing. Feel how the air is moving inside and coming back out. Disconnect from the outside thoughts and focus upon your breaths to connect with your inner world.

Step 3. Now, open your eyes and take a little jog. Walk for some time or dance. Do any physical activity you live for, say around 5 minutes. The key is to increase the rate of your heart-beat so that you breathe deeper. Deep breathing might not be easy in the beginning so use this exercise to make you actually need your body to breath deeply.

Step 4. Sit down and close your eyes again. Now, repeat the process of your breath observation. Observe your fast breathing. Your mind will seem more focused and after doing it for some time, you will feel some strange relieving sensation throughout your body. Well, different people might have different experiences but primarily, you will feel a little different.

This is an advanced level of breathing meditation most people never do. You can also perform some breathing techniques to better focus upon your breathing.

Just 5-10 minutes of breathing meditation can help you improve concentration and balance your chakra energy, your blood pressure and also bring in more cosmic energy to feel confident, happy and relaxed. You can perform this process anywhere.

You do not need to sit in a specific position as the main purpose of this meditation is to simply align you with your energy, your true self. This meditation relieves stress and help you stay calm on the go.