The benefits of meditation practices are endless, and in my opinion, everyone should measure to some degree. Using meditation to relieve stress is a common practice and can really have a positive effect if applied regularly.

Countless scientific studies have been carried out around the effects and benefits of meditation and research shows that those who regularly meditate have improved health both physically and mentally.

Anyone who meditates regularly knows that the largest benefit is not the end-result but from the actual process of meditation itself. Meditating allows you to reach heightened states of awareness and can really help to reduce the worries and stresses of daily life.

Not only can meditation help to relieve stress and shut out your worries but it can also help you to reconnect with your inner-self. This is something that many people fail to acknowledge let alone achieve.

The problem is modern-day living itself!

We are constantly being subjected to an array of negativity and distractions that stop us from taking time out and asking ourselves who we are and what's our true purpose. Many people feel bogged down yet they never really stop to question why!

Television for example is one of my pet hates. You'll not find a TV in my apartment and nor do I wish to have one. People often ask me how I get by without television, my answer is always the same “how can you consent to being brainwashed and spend your precious time here on earth watching junk.”

Some may never get this way of thinking, nor do I expect them to. However, most spend so much of their time being consumed by not just TV but all kinds of distractions that they lose that connection with their inner-self.

Our ancestors before us had a true spiritual connection with themselves, other people and with the planet earth. They were not subject to the distractions of modern-day living and had a strong connection with the land.

They would plant, nurture and harvest foodstuffs, make usable clothes from only resources the land provided, treat any physical ailments with only natural (organic) remedies and so on. They truly were at peace with life and the land that offered these resources for them to live.

Do you think they were queuing up to see the local witch doctor because they were having a breakdown or feeling stressed?

Of course not!

The problem is we stopped doing the thinking and let machines and an artificially controlled climate do all the thinking for us. We forgot how to connect with the land, and more importantly, ourselves!

This to me has to be one of the largest benefits of meditation that can provide for anyone. It allows you to reconnect spiritually and have a understanding understanding of yourself and that of those and even objects around you. It's an easy method for switching off mentally and forgetting about your daily worries.

People have always found ways of unwinding such as going down the pub with their friends, or going out for a meal. But meditation costs nothing, only requires a little time and effort, and you'll feel better for it afterwards.

And do not worry if you think meditating is a difficult process. Learning how to meditate for beginners is not that difficult. Anyone can make a start. It costs nothing and most information you need to get started can be found online.

It can take a while to learn how to moderate to relieve stress, and to really shut out any outside influences. Reaching these deeper dimensions of awareness takes practice but the long-term benefits are tenfold.

The Bottom line

There's no doubt it. Meditation is good for mind, body and soul. It's a completely organic method for finding inner-peace and tranquility that costs nothing except a little time. So why not give it a try?