No matter where you are in your spiritual journey some days everything seems out of proportion and out of your control. In the daily spiritual grind, many times you feel so alone, even if we become aware, we realize that we are not alone.

On this day it was an emotional day, I went for a run to blow off this fearful energy after writing in the journal. As soon as I stretched out and started to run I felt a great relief. Running is a constant in my life, and gives me the satisfaction of accomplishment. I ran in a big park near my house. I estimate that the total distance was six to eight miles. It was emotional for me throughout the running sessions. During this time some very strong allies came to support me. I never believe encounters with animals or creatures are random, because I have always intriguing and unique encounters with animals that no one else has had.

There was a squadron of six brown birds with long tails and white and black stripes on their wings, and tail that were escorts my run. The stripes reminded me of the sergeants stripes on the military uniforms. During the course of my run I had a point of pain in my middle of my rib cage left side. When I finished that point was hurting and with full-blown sadness. I stopped and beaten and breathed through it. The squadron of brown birds resembled a team of fighter planes in coordinated airshow maneuvers. As I was running around the fence of the ball field, which made a narrow channel between the fence and three trees. The birds would line up on the fence one after the other, or 3 on the fence and 3 in the tree on the other side of the channel. Each time that I moved into a prejudice position on the fence, the birds would fly across my path interweaving a line directly in my path that reminded me of the chains of the DNA strands being formed. They did this back and forth. The squadron darted back and forth making this pattern of intricate DNA strands before me as a ran. Each and every flight, I thanked them, and felt they were encouraging me. The next session, all six of the squadron, lined up equal-distance on the fence, and one after the other took off in formation. They flew away from me down the channel of fence as if they were flying down the runway, at a precise and specific place at the end of the runway, each flyer abruptly lifted up and veered off to the right to land in a high branch of the third tree to the right. Again with each take off and maneuver down the run way I thanked all the flyers.

When I stopped my first session and was overwhelmed with emotions, the birds walked around on the ground, flashing their white stripe tails up in the air. As I walked around the fence and ball field, I felt the strain emotionally and physically in my rib and my legs. There were bleacher benches coming up about 100 feet away, and I focused all my effort to bring myself to those benches and have a rest. As I approached the silver benches, I aimed my butt at the lowest row of seats and closest side to me was the left side of the bleacher seats. As I slid onto the seat. I saw a tiny apple-green-leaf -like insect on the seat right next to me. I knew it was an insect as soon as I approached. Still filled with emotion and feeling so inadequate I sensed this little green-leaf-insect would understand feeling so tiny and uniquate. As I sat, an overwhelming presence of compassion filled my mind and being. Even though I was crying fairly hard, I felt comforted by this tiny green leaf. After a few moments, I felt the burden lifted from me. I looked at my little companion and noticed how much it really looked like a leaf with tiny legs. The leaf were actually two gossamer shiny green wings sticking straight up, but closed together as if you put your two palms together to pray. The wings had tiny little vertical lines like silken threads. The insect walked on it's tiny feet on the bench for a moment, and walked a distance in length of about the size of my pinky fingernail from top to bottom. I found this little encounter fascinating. Was this little creature an “angel?” It also reminded me of wings. “Remember the wings.” Even though it appeared to be inadequate, and it appeared to struggle as it crawled a short distance, it was still a mythical creature that could fly at any moment. Still sitting near such a big thing as me, it was not afraid of me. Anyone else might have pushed it away, once it was realized that it was an insect, but I thought it was sharing it's bench with me, and there was no need to react with distrust. I thanked my little green giant.

When I was up and running again, the bird squadron, had another slight change to the flight pattern. This time, one bird up on the fence, and one bird on the ground in the field behind the fence. When I hit that precise mark as I entered my channel. Both birds started their flight back down the runway. One on the channel in front of me outside the fence edge, and the counterpart, flying inside the fence lifting from the ground to the air. Staying slightly behind the first bird in formation. Again both of them lifted up and cut to the right to the third tree to the right. A few more steps and second team lifted off, and a few more steps and third team. Second team landed in a tree further off the channel near the picnic area, and third team of flyers still further away. When I stopped my second session very winded from my two sessions of run, I thanked all the squadron of fighter pilots and told them, as I was walking that I would not return today, and appreciated the support. In my mind, I kept thinking, “Remember Wings.” I thought about how that would relate to my current situation, and I thought, yes this is a reminder, that a part of me is on the ground and it may be a struggle, but “my spirit has wings” and whether I start on the fence or on the ground, I can still accomplish a good flight for the day. ”

As I walked around the bleachers where I had sat with my tiny green friend, he or she had gone. I said a prayer of gratitude and continued to walk towards home. I dropped my head from fatigue and as I my baseball cap dipped downwards, a yellow monarch flew directly under my cap, as if instructing me to lift my head up. I did. Walking near the tennis courts, on the path is a public rest room, I decided to use the bathroom. Before I entered I saw a man with a very quiet demeanor who reminded me of a monk. He was sitting upright on the bench with his hands laying on each thigh, in a meditation position. He was thin and wearing a loose white shirt. He was wearing dark shorts. He was bald, but appeared young, and he had thick gray eyebrows. He had a soft smile on his face, and he smiled at me but did not move in any way, as I approached the bathroom. I smoked too and said good morning. As I passed I felt as if he was a holy man, and I felt a very calming presence. He responded “Good morning.”

A minute later I came out and he was no longer sitting there, I looked the length of the walkway, and on the intersecting paths but did not see him. I surprised how he had suddenly disappeared quickly, and again thought he might be an angel. All of these signs encouraging me that I'm not alone, and I do not have to struggle alone. Birds, insects, monarch butterflies, holy men presenting themselves as my allies through this moment of development and spiritual incline. If you become aware of them every encounter that you have during your day can become significant. Angels and guides are with us whenever it is with animal or creature form, or as they appear in human forms. A small prayer, “If I have any allies, please let them present themselves.” Egypt “Angels, in this moment I feel overwhelmed and alone, please send me the exact guide or guidance to help me pass through.” Lastly “Remember Wings.”