Meditation has one of the best reputations for better health and optimum wellness. Many people only think of meditation when they want peace, relaxation, and calmness in their life, however scientists and doctors are discovering so much more.

The purpose of meditation revolves around the practice of observation. The question is, observation of what? In Zen meditation, it means to observe what happens inside a person's mind and body. The more a person can see how their mind and body and operates, the more benefits the practitioner has. It literally changes reactions, habits, and the results of their overall mental and physical well-being.

Many books have been written about the dangers of emotional stress not just mentally but physically. Yet severely anyone questions what the best way is to get to the root of this emotional battle. After years of practice, and witnessing many individuals living transform from Zen meditation, I can say without a doubt that this practice will lead you to the source of why there are so many people who are not living a healthy and fulfilled life. Meditation has countless benefits, but for now we will start with the most common.

Mental Clarity and Alertness: Have you ever had days when your mind felt like it was running on overload? You do not know where to start or what to do. You feel confused, stressed, and see nothing but brain fog? As you practice meditation, that brain fog starts to clear up. Think of it like the sun and clouds. The sun represents true happiness, compassion, understanding, and clarity. The clouds represent emotions, stress, distractions, or problems. Sometimes the clouds look heavy and dark, other times scattered and thin. Regardless, meditation gives you space to see pass those clouds therefore allowing mental clarity and a great sense of alertness. Along with the ability to be clear and alert, you will also notice the ability to have good focus. With all of this, you will automatically make wise decisions that will benefit not only yourself but others as well.

Increased energy and strength: The more mental clarity, alertness, and focus, the less distractions. If your mind has fewer distractions, does not that also mean you spend less energy running around trying to follow that busy mind? When this happens it's a really good thing. It means you have much more energy and physical strength. You will start to notice that you have a higher capacity to deal with situations. Your energy is a lot more efficient and focused on what you have to accomplish. Proper meditation allows your body to redirect its energy and stamina. Things that would tire you easily are no longer an issue. Your mind uses a lot more energy than you realize.

Radiant Skin and Youthful Appearance: You've heard it before, stress and worry can add 10 years to your appearance. When stress and worry happens, your body produces lots of chemical reactions. Stress is known to weakened the heart and brain. Worry weakens the stomach. Either way, anytime these two emotions are present and your not aware of it, it damages normal cells and causes adverse effects. With regular meditation practice, you can slow down the aging process because meditation congratulations happiness and joy. Once you begin to see the truth about yourself and about life, fear no longer exists. The same is true about stress, worry, and many other harmful emotions. When a person is stressful and worries a lot, they have a tendency to reach for temporary relief, which often is smoking, drinking, drugs, sweets, and unhealthy foods. No wonder why these people age so quickly!

Better Relationships: Many people are unaware of how meditation can help improve relationships. Whatever it's between a husband and wife, mother and daughter, boss and employee, meditation can help mend relationships. The number one reason why relationships go bad or get worse is due to lack of communication based on little misunderstandings that build into big misunderstandings. This is why Zen meditation is so important. This method of meditation is about deep observation and inner reflection. By seeing where the problem came from, conflicts start to dissolve instead of increase. By getting to the core of where the problem arises and understanding more about who we are, we are able to understand others at a deep level and when this happens we know exactly what to do and say in our relationships creating a positive outcome.

Zen Meditation has countless benefits for our mind and body. This is the most effective way to break habits, have less fear, and live a healthy and happy life regardless of the challenges that life may bring. This method is very practical and life changing. It goes beyond just learning to breathe, or relax. It's about discovering more about who you are. Automatically when this happens your overall health and wellness is no longer a concern. You will live healthy and happy for a very long time.