Being immersed in nature we can get back in touch with what we were inherently born with.

Perseverance comes to us naturally as a biological function – it is society that tells us we should give up our natural sense of courage.

Unconsciously we bend to the over-culture of modern society and soon we feel overwhelmed with all that we are 'supposed' to do, feel, see and act up in our daily lives.

After awhile even the smallest of issues can seem monumental and we are overwhelmed with how to even approach finding a solution to the problem or issue we are faced with.

The steps to reclaiming our natural ability to cope with daily issues comes from connections. Chaotic energy can run rampant when we are disconnected from the natural world and the divine. Renewing our connection to the natural world will also, by default renew connections with divine forces.

Severing connections with stress, overwhelm and general chaos takes only a moment but is something we tend to gravitate toward the least. This is because we are ingrained to believe that 'we must' do this, that or the other when it is simply not the case; when we step back and view the entire picture rather than just the issue or problem this becomes clear.

When we step back we can take a deep breath, center ourselves and clear our minds. These small actions allow us to refocus on the natural order of things and on how the divine works within our lives. The result is that we can see how skewed the previous chaotic perception was. By allowing nature and divine connection within our lives we also allow the natural ability of perseverance and the courage to try again back into our energy.

Conversely, our connection with natural rhythms and the divine also affords us opportunity to more clearly see what no longer serves us and what needs to be discarded. With clear intent we have courage to then put into action clearing things and situations from our daily lives.