Why Magic Isn’t Real and How You Can Harness It

I'm here to tell you that the old magics work. I do not believe in any fantasies. I'm a capital-C cynic who would point out that supernatural literal means 'not found in nature'. None of this matters. Magic works.

How can I say that I'm a skeptic and I believe in magic? Do not be ridiculous. Magic is not real and I never said that it is. I only said that it works.

What kind of magic? All kinds. Shamanism, Wiccan, Christian and D & D wizardry all work perfectly. You can use them to strengthen your health, predict the future, banish problems, win battles and receive the wisdom of the gods.

See, the magic of magic is not in some spirit realm. It lies in the rituals that people used to try (and fail) to invoke the blessings of pixies or whatever.

Magic is not real but its rituals are powerful. Why? Because your unconscious mind loves rituals. This is why you have your little good luck charms and superstitions. This is how going to the doctor and receiving no treatment can still cure you.

Rituals and symbols are why you feel submissive (or hostile) around cops. They are why you have a certain style of dress, even if that style is 'I pick whatever so I do not have to think about it'. Going to your favorite park or turning on the TV after a long day are both rituals.

Everything you do can get the benefits of the most powerful spellbook, even as you obey physics to the letter.

People recommend having a dedicated place in your home for meditation. The idea is that you'll associate the place and the state together. Simply entering your meditation space will plunge you into a deep, pleasant trance.

Definitely do this. Then go even further.

The best magical rituals in fiction use ancient words of power. Choose your mantra and use it while meditating. Which ancient words of power? It does not matter! The words are irrelevant but the ritual matters to your inner mind.

What spell would be complete without great hand flourishes? Do whatever feels natural. Use huge sweeping movements or subtrees caresses of the air.

Of course, the most powerful spells require you to have the right state of mind. No grump ever cast a Patronus charm. Find a state of mind that works for you.

None of these antics will do anything. At least, not at first. Keep them up and you'll associate them to the meditative state. When you do, you'll tap into the psychological principle behind every culture's ceremonies, chants, dances and festivals. Your inner mind loves rituals, so use them.

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What Meditation Demands Of You

I do not need to tell you the physical and mental benefits of meditation. Plenty of people do that and, if you're reading this, you probably know them already. It's one of the best ways you can spend your time. No, not spend. Invest. You earn that time back by being better, faster and calmer in everything else.

And yet, not everyone mediates regularly. Some people never try it. They have their reasons but, honestly, it's their lost. Then there are people who have attempted meditation and given it up.

Meditation is like exercise. You know you should do it and it makes you feel great. You still need to make it a habit, though. If something is not a habit, it does not matter how simple or beneficial it is – it'll still take effort to do.

Or maybe you did not get the benefits you were expecting.

It's a strange thing to quiet your mind and draw your attention inwards. It's not easy if you're not used to it. Not thinking creates space in your mind for other thoughts. Maybe they're your normal thoughts. Maybe your brain starts shouting at you and throwing distractions. Or you might lose yourself in a daydream.

Meditation is not about what you think (or do not think). It's a state of mind. While in a meditative state, you think in different patterns. Your usual perceptions and reactions go out the door as you explore a new mental frontier. If you find it hard to quiet your mind – if your mind even seems to fight you as you try – then I do not blame you for thinking that meditation is not for you.

How many would-be meditators allow them to be discouraged by this? Probably most of them, based on conversations I've had.

If this is you, then that's okay. Take a moment to think about the reason youave meditation a go in the first place. Whether you want to feel calm under pressure, reconnect with yourself, enhance your thinking or simply experience something new, let me tell you that you still can.

If you've struggled in the past, that's fine. Meditation does not demand a perfect performance. If you spend the session with racing thoughts … well, we've all been there. I've been meditating on and off for decades. I've spent over a year meditating every day. Even I struggle and yet I still get the benefits.

Your attitude is more important than your performance. Every session is a learning experience. If you can not concentrate, then you'll learn more than on the days you can. Be kind to yourself. Judging, analyzing and criticizing your mental state only keeps it away from what you want. Whether you are meditating easily in that moment or not, accept it.

Reality is perfect. You will get better over time, so acknowledge whatever is happening. Everything is fine.

And you do not even need perfection with this attitude. Some days you will judge yourself and that's okay. When you become aware of it, let the judgments go. You'll learn to let go of self-criticism faster and faster. One day, you'll be so fast that you never even think the thought in the first place.

Do not think that you are not good enough to meditate. If you have a brain, you can do it. Your attitude is the main thing to focus on. Your abilities will increase in time.

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Meditation – The Key to Success

Meditation is a unique and very simple way of giving rest to the mind in the most natural way. Nowadays, meditation is the most sought after remedy being adopted by one and all. But it is also most misunderstood and misinterpreted method offered by numerous self-styled gurus. Kindly do not be misled by the promotions and preaching of some of these greedy people. Instead please enteriate some research on your own in this regard and find out their genuineness. Also, check your suitability before joining any group of people or an organization.

Every human being has been gifted with a unique mind, great inner strength and energy which unlocks further when he begins meditating. It will guide him naturally on the journey forward. So, start meditating as soon as possible without much delay or waiting for a guru a sect. Practically, there is no need for someone's help. It is very simple and easy to practice.

How To Meditate:

Sit ideal, without doing anything or thinking about anything, with your eyes closed for a few minutes everyday, preferably after a bath, swim or a workout. The body and mind become fresh and are in a natural rhythm with each other after a good bath. You may either sit on chair, on the floor with your legs crossed over or by standing still. Remember that your backbone should always be straight in any position you happen to meditate.

The whole body should not be tense but in a relaxed state with the right posture. In the earlier days of practicing and learning meditation, introspection happens on its own. It is a natural phenomenon. Meditation is more effective when carried out in isolation without any noise or activity in the vicinity. Although there are other methods of meditation also, but this is the most effective, less time consuming and the results are far more productive and lifelong.

Meditation and Introspection are interrelated to each other. Introspection means analysis of one's own thoughts and actions with oneself in the mind on the subconscious level. When meditation is done on daily basis introspection happens for first few minutes only. Saving of useful things and deletion of discarded information happens automatically. That is the magic of our mind.

When the mind becomes clear of its thoughts and worries, it paves the way for a smooth and direct journey into the unknown. This is where deep meditation starts on its own. It is a natural phenomenon. Just keep sitting ideal, without wandering and doing nothing at all. Just keep flowing and drifting away with the flow. Relax and enjoy each and every moment of this newly found bliss. This is the only way of reaching here. It can not be initiated directly without getting rid of clutter, thoughts, ideas, concerns or tensions from the mind.

Meditation is a way of directing the mind on the subconscious level to gradually slow down its working processes related with our mind. By this way, we provide our minds some time to take rest and relaxation. If we can moderate everyday, we can unload unimportant things from our minds on a daily basis. Although the actual duration of relaxation may vary from a few seconds to a few minutes only but still it makes a great difference. It helps in relieving numerous thoughts and worries that were blocking the mental energies to let the mind work more smoothly and efficiently. If you start practicing meditation on a daily basis, you will soon feel the positive differences taking place in your life. It could be regarding your clarity in thinking, studying and learning new things. It will also greatly help in remembering and recalling information, analysis and tackling with problems, interpersonal skills and relationships, etc.

There is another method of meditation which is also suggested to people. In this method, you are invited to meditate with your eyes wide open. All those people who are not able to meditate with their eyes closed, are suggested this method to start meditating with their eyes open. Here, people are directed to focus on a specific object. It could either either a flame of a burning candle or a black dot on the wall. Both of these should be kept at a distance of 2-3 meters which are clearly visible to eyes. There should not be any movement or noise of any kind nearby so that a proper focus can be formed. With a little practice, it becomes easy.

The main idea here is to stop engaging yourself in all other activities, sit still in a specific position and focus on an object. This method shows to be effective but here the mind is still working. Secondly, decluttering of the mind has not taken place. Initially it seems to be working. But gradually people start losing interest as it does not show them positive results even after many days. This is quite natural. Whenever you start starting noticing positive results from an activity, your mind will be more inclined and motivated in pursuing it further.

There are four steps to complete the mediation process:

First , is to cut the connection of the mind from the daily routine life and activities for a few minutes.

Second , is to declutter and get the mind rid of the discarded things which further unlocks the mental energies from getting wasted.

Third , is to relax the mind and direct the renewed mental energies towards the more useful pursuits.

Fourth , is to gradually cleanse, activate and energize all seven chakras, the energy centers, of the body.

In this way, the rhythm of both the body and mind start working in totality and synchronization. This further helps to repair the various mental and physical problems developed over the years.

Neurological problems are found to be the most beneficial results which can be noticed within a few days only.

Since meditation is not any kind o religious activity or a ritual, there are no rules or regulations. But there are some simple precautions so that its experience and feelings can be felt in a more positive way.

These are:

Consult your doctor if you are suffering from any physical ailment. Also, if you start feeling any kind of discomfort in sitting or standing in a position for a longer duration. But, remember that your backbone has to be straight during meditation.

Interact with a few people who have been meditating for quite some time. You will get to know its benefits, the insights that you would develop and other avenues that could possibly open up.

Meditation should be done at a Comfortable Place : There should be no foul smell of kind, should not be too hot, too cold, any unbearable humidity or moisture, should not be too bright lit or damp dark, etc. In a nutshell, the place chosen for meditation can be a room suitable and comfortable to you. Or even some place outside in a park, nearby a lake, river or a waterfall but without any noise or other distractions.

Avoid Mediation During Discomfort : Proper rest or whenever whenever there arises an illness, any other discomfort or when the body and mind are extremely tired. A break in such situations proves to be beneficial in the long run.

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Meditation For Those Who Like It Simple

Although I practice meditation on a regular basis I myself am no stranger to the endless chatter of the inside voice that must speak due to stress, nagging, worry, or just simple overload.

In order to find my zen at a moments notice or a need to escape, quiet and calm I have devised a simple and quick method for even the loudest and most stubborn chatter.

Binaural beats are a brainwave entrainment technology designed to put your brain into the same activity state as when you are using traditional mediation techniques. Many people especially beginners to meditation often become lost and despent and there fore give up on meditation missing out on the benefits of this luxurious and organic state of tranquility and resolve.

Brainwave entrainment will lead you to the meditative state easily and quickly. It allows anyone and everyone to use meditation as a tool for personal growth, relaxation or spiritual practice. All you need is a pair headphones and an MP3 player! You can search for Binaural Beats Meditations in YouTube and or find multiple downloads.

Listen to binaural beats when you want to go towards a meditative state, relax, obtain clarity of the mind, engage your intuition for spiritual alignment as well as reiterating affirmations and doing guided imagery or simple visualization.

One can also incorporate Ujjyi breathing. This is a breathing technique also known as Ocean Breathing. To begin inhale slowly through the nose with your mouth closed, filling your body with oxygen starting at the lower belly, to the ribs, to the chest, to the throat. Now exhale through the nose, starting at the throat, to the chest, to the ribs, to the lower belly. Use this amazing technique for relaxing muscles and slowing heart rate, creating a sense of calm and peace within the mind and body.

I do suggest to begin with your Ujjyi breathing a few moments before you start to listen to your binaural beats and than to continue with the use of this breath throughout the session.

I recommend finding a binaural meditation between 7 to 15 minutes in order to begin and to try a minimum of once per day in order to begin a routine of solace and quiet for your soul …

Incorporating the usage of essential oils can help aid in creating a relaxing space as well lead you towards a routine infused with serenity. Peace and Calming by Young Living is my preferred essential oil whilst in a state of meditation.

Peace & Calming® essential oil is a gentle, sweet blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy. This fragrance oil is a wonderful addition to your meditation, evening routine, or playtime with the kids. With a comforting, fresh aroma, Peace & Calming oil creates a relaxing environment that's especially great for homes with children. This multipurpose oil can be used as part of your children's bedtime routine, and then for yourself to enjoy the quiet that comes with a house of little dreamers tucked safely in bed.

For those of you that prefer a guided meditation, please turn on your diffuser, sit in a relaxing space and begin your Ujjyi breath, now start your Binaural beats and read carefully with your eyes open or closed.

Take a deep breath in … slow breath out. Relax all the muscles in your body. Inhale … Exhale … Inhale … Exhale … Allow your breath to take you deeper and deeper into relaxation … Allow your body to feel heavy … as though you are sinking into the floor … Inhale … Exhale … Inhale … Exhale … Imagine you are standing on a beautiful fluffy clouds … There, in the middle cloud, is a delicate bubble. You slowly walk to the bubble and begin to tap it with your finger tips gently. Back and forth … up and down and around the fluffy cloud. Notice how playing with the bubble makes you feel … Now imagine any negative feelings you have are inside the bubble … Anger … Frustration … Sadness … Stress … Anxiety … There they are, huddled together, inside the bubble you are gently tapping … Back and forth … up and down and around the fluffy cloud. On your tap, you lift your arm SUPER high … and tap the bubble away in to the sky and away from your cloud. There it goes … flying through the air … taking your negative emotions with it. The bubble lands softly on another cloud. They are gone … all of those negative emotions you were feeling are gone. You feel so much better … so much more relaxed … Your heart is full of love … happiness … You smile as you look to the other side of the sky and see your negative emotions so far away from you . Inhale … Exhale … Inhale … Exhale … Take a deep breath in and imagine your whole body filling up with love and happiness. You deserve to feel love … to feel happiness … Inhale … Exhale … Inhale … Exhale …

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6 Reasons to Be Addicted to Meditation

Today, many people are getting addicted to Meditation due to various reasons and use it as a therapeutic tool. According to new studies, a large portion of the people have no time to relax after their busy schedule and getting hurt from depression, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, etc. In fact, different types of meditative practices help you to reduce anxiety and strain, and increase the level of general psychological comfort.

There are many proven reviews available that why one should be added to meditation. This article will elaborate the depth of this spiritual technique.

In depth knowledge of Meditation:

The term Meditation has been practicing from the ancient times. The ancient history of this term is closely restricted with the religious background. It was practiced as a piece of a few religious traditions and values. In fact, the term 'meditative practice' holds different definition according to different authors.

It includes varieties of techniques, which will be favored for health and mind. It helps to build inner peace, strengthen empathy, love patience, etc. Basically, through these traditional techniques, an individual can instruct their mind and stimulate a mode of awareness. The meditative practices also support to producing an emotional state for the idea of ​​exploring the state, for instance, anger, hatred, etc. and developing the compassion state.

In general, the meditative practices have different types of forms such as mindfulness, transcendental, conception, mantra, Vipassana, Art of Living breathing practices, Yoga Nidra, yoga, loving-kindness, tai chi, etc. But, among all of those different forms, mindfulness Meditation seems generally advantageous.

In this mindfulness process, an individual should just focus on one single thought and concentrate on the present situation. You can do it by three ways, for instance, focusing on the breath, observing each inhalation and exhalation, and 'Om' chanting process without thinking about other thoughts.

Indeed, it is not easy to follow it in one day rather it is a long-term process. You can achieve the benefits of Meditation by doing it on a regular basis. In fact, many Neuroscientists used MRIs to evaluate the intellectual capacities of meditators with other, which show that meditative practices experience physical changes of the brain.

6 reasons to be addicted to meditation:

Increase self-happiness:

In the current scenario, it is observed that most of the people are not being happy due to their hectic work schedule. It boosts their level of depression, stress, and anxiety, which can cause inflammation that directly linked to heart disease, arthritis, asthma and skin conditions such as psoriasis. They can switch off these disorders by proper meditative practices. More you practice these techniques, the more benefit you will experience in your life. Try it for 15-20 minutes once a day; you will feel the more self-happiness.

Boost your health:

Proper practice of these techniques will definitely boost your health by both mentally and physically. Many neurosccientists are proven scientifically that proper Meditation in a regular basis can actually reduce your blood pressure, boost your immune system, make you emotionally balanced, decrees the risk of heart diseases and stroke, decrees inflammatory disorders, handling the heart rate and respiratory rate and so on. Therefore, it will give you a complete treatment.

Increase your memory size:

With regards to the human brain, it boosts your brain capacity or it can increase the power of memory for a better response. Long-term practice of meditation expands gray matter thickness in the areas of the brain connected with learning, memory, self-awareness, compassion. In other words, it upgrades various mental capacities and improvements cortical thickness in regions identified with focusing.

Improve your productivity:

A better productivity can cause by two major things such as attention and concentration. When an individual is capable of paying the attention and properly concentrate on one area at a time, then definitely they can be more productive in their working field. Meditative practices with proper Meditation Tips even enhance your multitask capabilities and increases creativity. But, these techniques will give you the proper result by a regular practice.

Slower aging:

Meditation techniques also help in longer life and lower danger of falling prey to different sicknesses. A regular practice of these techniques can boost your Telomeres chromosome that keeps your cells fresh and healthy. It helps to slow down your aging process and glow your skin.

Improve social connection:

In the last but not the least, better personal and social connections are the most important things for us to survive. Without it, we feel lonely and go into a deep depression. While doing meditation consistently every day, it will make you compassionate and improvements emotional intelligence to deal with social life.

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Conscious Design – Creating a Meditation Space

Combining the principles of Sacred Geometry, Vastu-Yoga of interiors and Conscious living we come to the foreflight of having a designated space for spiritual yoga or meditation, creating and evolving our connection to the source, the divine universe. It encourages consistency and builds up on our conscious resolve to become aware of our surroundings and the energy vibrations they carry. Welcoming you with its serene warmth and uplifting our spirits your sacred space calms your mind while driving it towards awareness of the supreme consciousness.

Your Sacred Space is your sanctuary, free from distraction, the northeast corner of your home carries the most conducive energies. Blues, greens, light purples have a soothing effect. Open sunlight streaming in through the windows, natural landscapes are ideal for sacrificing a divine influence on the mind and soul. Make your space personal and stylish, an extension of your inner personality and discover what truly works for you. Vintage tapestries handmade from old sari dresses in soft hues and random designs carry a conscious effort to use earth friendly decor.

Vintage recyclable sari patchwork floor cushions, handloom cotton blankets made in natural cotton, it is important to use materials that are inherently grounding, promoting a healthy environment.

Old puja lamps made from brass or copper, using “ghee” wicks creates soft warm hues of light that charge the room with positive energy. Old world traditions bring a structure to our practice and align our chakras.

The altar is the most important part of the room. Use vintage door tables or chests to serve as a space to place objects that are special to you. Handmade from vintage woods and studded with grounding metals they incorporate symbols and traditions of your preferred religious practice, or if you would rather you can use a mix of crystals or items that hold spiritual significance. My altar houses the Hindu Gods of Ganesha, Lakshmi, Durga, Shiva and Vishnu. The Sri Yantra is placed next to the Goddess and the Lingam next to Shiva. Evolution of the consciousness begins with evoking the energy of Ganesha and culminates by offering yourself, all of you to the Divine. Altar cabinets made from old temple doors carry beautiful meditative energies and are very practical as well for your your deities.

The five senses that corroborate to the five elements as in Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth – are matched to hearing, touch, vision, taste and smell, respectively. Ether through which sound is broadcast is related to the hearing function, the ear. Air is associated to the sense of touch, the sense organ of skin. Fire displays as light, heat and color, and is related to vision, the eye. Water corresponds to the organ of taste, as without water the tongue is unable to taste. Earth element is related to the sense of smell, the nose.The Five Subtitle Elements form the very basis for all things found in the material world. Encompassing the Five Elements in your meditation gives you a complete practice. Meditation practice begins with focus on the breath and your intention. Calming the mind, light the diya, placing a pitcher full of water next to your deity, begin with the Om mantra, the primordial sound of creation. Focus on your intention, each breath raising your vibration higher through the chakras till it merges with the Cosmos.

Spirituality is the path to the happiness of the heart. Evolve your practice by creating a sacred space that connects your conscious with your subconscious. Your home is your sanctuary; a place of joy, where your self illuminates unconsciously, knowing no boundaries.

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Zazen Meditation – First Experience

First Experience

Growing up with martial arts, thanks to my parents, it has become an intricate part of my life. There are principles in martial arts that have been consistent in all areas. Work hard. Be efficient. Calmness of mind helps you to prevail. As a daily meditator I have thought about many subjects. The point of Zazen meditation is to let thoughts go as soon as they enter your mind. This put me into a state of eternal beauty.

It was like feeling everything around you. You know and hear everything that is happening and yet just observing. There are no judgments or thoughts. The truck outside passed rather loudly which I thought would disturb my meditation and yet when I entered the principle of letting thoughts go it was simply a truck passing by, people doing their daily work, living a beautiful life. By letting thoughts go a person can observe and see life as it is. Life is a work of art. To take a moment in life to comprehend what that means is a great experience.

The three principals that I discussed in the introduction were magnanimous, nurturing and joyfulness.

Magnanimous means to think high-minded or noble. Realize that everything around us is a gift. We must understand that each person we meet, every place we go, every systematic thing that we hear, feel, taste or see is a wonderful gift. Be thankful that this has entered your life because it is an amazing experience that you get to have. This is your own special experience that you can use in any way that pleases you. Choose wisely how you use your gifts.

Nurturing is when you look at things from a parental stand point. Everything is amazing, and you have the choice to take care of that, leave it to make its own way or to stamp it out of existence. What choices do you have? When looking at everything and everyone in life pretend as if you want to care for it. Love it with all your heart and see how this can be a positive and amazing thing in the experience you are having. It is like you are the parent of everything around you. If you have children or pets you will begin to get a grasp of the nurturing mind.

Joyfulness is understanding the happiness in all situations. Be loving in the sense that this experience that you are having is unique to you. Love the experience. When you have feelings toward the experience listen to those feelings and then ask yourself what the most loving part of the experience you want to have. Enjoy all experiences. Even when you find yourself getting upset, angry or sad look at the experience in a loving way and see what you are learning. This will bring great joy to your life.

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Debunking The Exotic Retreat Myth

Hardly a week goes by when I do not receive yet another invitation to go on an exotic retreat. Yesterday it was Mount Shasta, last week I was asked to go on a cruise to clear my mind and reboot. The spin around exotic retreats has reached a point where I felt I had to point out some contradictions which should be obvious, alas most people are not aware of them.

If you are looking for repeating change, a change of scenery may give you a short boost, but as soon as you are back home, the effect wears off. This incidentally has been proved in a number of experiments by neurologists.

Lasting change only arises through regular application of different habits and different thinking because we are what we do day in and day out.

Geopathic fallacy, as it has also been called, plays to the mind's illusion that a change of scenery will change your life and bring lasting happiness.

If you want to relax, any form of meditation will train your body to become relaxed.

If you are looking to transform your life, or are going through a period of turmoil and adjustment you may benefit from coaching or mentoring over a period of time.

Regular short breaks have shown to be more effective in creating lasting changes. It is the way the brain learns best.

Transformational change occurs over time and not in sudden bursts

If you experience a “sudden” change in your life, the energy has been building over a long period of time in the background of your subconscious mind.

Your environment only changes your own energy if the environment is changed permanently. For example certain Feng Shui strategies raise the environment in your office or home permanently. Your body entrains with the higher vibration over time, particularly if you learn to consciously feel and align with the new vibration.

Change occurs when the chemistry in your brain changes

Once the chemistry in your brain changes, new neural pathways have been created. Regular practice of thinking differently and acting differently from your habitual ways of thinking and acting gradually build stronger neural pathways.

Transformational meditation is a technique that teaches you how to change your own energy irrespective of location

Next time you see a retreat offer be mindful of what you are buying into. The myth of locale as the healer is just another way of seeking the solution to your problems from the outside when the only place to change is within.

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Powerful Meditation Methods

The intention of the meditation is to calm your mind and able to experience the supreme consciousness.

When you start meditation, it is very difficult to rest your mind. As soon as you close your eyes, your mind starts to wander here and there and the matter of the fact that you start imagining all possible activities. Like you would cast yourself in your favorite movie, would think about your work problems, family struggles and a lot more.

So, it is important to choose a thing to focus on while meditating, which will give your mind a specific direction and it will not wander here and there with random thoughts. You can choose a focus point, for example an image of Christ or Buddha (according to your religion practice) or you can mindfully focus on your breath. These two is the traditional methods used by the siddhas.

In shiv manas puja , an ancient scripture says that you become the one on what you meditate. It is known that the seekers prefer to meditate on the siddha who has attained enlightenment. In meditation, we invoke so much energy from the universe and absorb that energy within our own, so its recommended that we should meditation on God.

Focusing on breath is considered a simple and easy practice to stable your mind. It also deepens your breath, which will work as a healer for your body and mind. Scientifically, deep breaths pump more blood in your body so that you are able to provide more oxygen to all your body organs, sometimes your organs will start functioning fully.

Watch your breath going inside your body, with the expansion of your chest feel that you are inhaling light and positivity, imbibe the goodness inside you, you have pumped oxygen for your body which is spreading through, spread the goodness also with the oxygen to each organ, each cell of your body, exhale all the negativity and darkness from within. And this process will continue. This process will also help you to clean you aura.

But it is also important as advised by great siddhas that to be generous with yourself and so you should not fixate too much while focusing on mind.

So we recommend you to have your 30 percent attention on watching your breath, but that alone is not sufficient. Because you start with focusing on the breath but after sometimes, you have lost your track and get lost in random thoughts so other 30 percent should be devoted to continuous vigilance or watchful awareness that you are focusing properly. Remaining 40 percent should be left in the open space.

So, the percentage does not matter as such but the three elements needed to know are: Focus, Vigilance, Spaciousness.

One should not choke their thoughts; they will naturally come and go. It's just you should not interact with them. These thoughts automatically turn inward after some days. Gradually, you are able to rest your mind peacefully without facing any sort of distraction and at that point you will not require focus point to begin your meditation.

You will then experience consciousness in meditation and can see your inner self. When you become aware of your consciousness, it will reflect in your behavior, activities and in your daily life. Spiritual life is not different from your daily life. This awareness will remove all the anxieties and distractions from your life and will make your more peaceful and calm person. It will bring stability in your personality and make you grounded with your inner self. You will feel a new confidence in you and become filled with strength. You become so easy full and composed with the events of life, whether they are struggles or glee.

Methods to achieve awakening and enlightenment

On level level, we can say meditation is using the mind to recognize the supreme consciousness.

Mind, unaltered or without changing at all will rest in the natural place in the present and this is the state of meditation.

A great saint said about meditation is that we are like water, when it is not stirred then it becomes clear, just when our mind becomes thoughtless, it will find its own peace, well-being, happiness and bliss in its natural state.

The most incredible and beautiful thing about meditation is that it is your most natural state. Remember the most natural state of you in the whole day. It is your sleep. In your sleep, you are free from enforced thoughts. You are free from emotions like happiness and pain; it's just that you are in the present moment.

Meditation is the state where you are present simply with the awareness. Your awareness can witness all emotions, thoughts or sensations arising inside you but do not indulge with them. In meditation you can reach in that great state where you are just present with the awareness of your consciousness and able to see it becoming one with the supreme consciousness.

You expand in the form of universe, your consciousness expand from its limits and become bigger than your body. It is the state where your emotions, your senses fade away and your sky vast nature of true being revealed to you. As sun radiate warmth and shine, you will soon become the epitome of love and compassion.

The more you stay connected to your inner self; your true being will more unfold to you.

This can be done with the support of many spiritual practices other than meditation. Few practices are:

1. Chanting

It is the practice in which we sing the name of God with devotion and compassion. Singing the name of God is the simplest way to reach the God. Even the siddhas after achieving the enlightenment always used to chant the god's glory with immense joy. Hymn of the God automatically fills you with great happiness and turn your mind inside. Your mind becomes still on the god and you experience the divinity inside you and around you. This will lead you to enlightenment and liberation.

2. Mantra Japa

When you took mantra from the siddha being who has a capacity of giving initiative or shaktipat , then that mantra become alive or chaitanya . Alive mantra is not different from the god. Repetition of mantras cleans your being and your karma. Mantra helps you to glide in meditation immediately. Gradually, mantra becomes part of you and subconsciously all time, it gets repeated inside you and then you are in the state of meditation while doing your routine chores. Few people focus on mantra while meditating.

3. Svavdhaya

Svavdhaya is daily recitation of mantras; it purifies your being and could easily send you in the state of meditation. Svavdhaya stabilize your mind and provide you the focus point on the sacred texts and scripts. Recitation of scripts was the part of the daily routine of students in the ancient time. It makes you sharp and tells you the importance of the practices you are performing. This will expand your perspective and knowledge. You should know that what you're doing and what will be the significance so that you can spread your knowledge to the world. This is the extended pray to the Lord. This is the essential part of the spiritual path.

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5 Ways Technology Can Help You Practise Yoga and Meditation in the Comfort of Home

Technology often gets a bit of a bad reputation where mental and physical wellbeing is concerned. What with squinting at our phones screens, staring at the TV, hunching over our laptops and being exposed to unnatural indoor lighting all day, it's no wonder we tend to think of technology negatively impacting our physical and mental health.

However, as well as the bad impacts of technology, there are lots of new technologies out there that have have emerged to help us look after ourselves more. In particular, in this article I want to focus on 5 technologies that anyone can use to meditate or practice yoga at home.

It's broadly accepted that both yoga and meditation are excellent for reducing stress and anxiety, and for generally helping us to be relaxed and more positive. Just focusing on our breath and body in the present for even a short length of time – whether 5 minutes or an hour – is enough to calm our minds and rid ourselves of all the thoughts whizzing around our heads in today's modern world. Yoga is also excellent for building core body strength and physical flexibility, which is especially good if, like me, you suffer from back pain and stiffness.

Often, the problem with meditating and doing yoga is actually finding the time and motivation to get started. For some people, it's also having the confidence to give it a go – especially actually going to a class where you might think that people will be judgmental or just plain better than you.

The 5 technologies can help anyone to get the best out of doing yoga and meditation at home.

1) Practice “Stop, Breathe, Think” with Amazon Alexa

Amazon's voice-controlled smart home assistant is called Alexa. There are many different devices available now that Amazon has launched featuring Alexa. They include the Amazon Echo (a larger speaker for playing music) and the Amazon dot, which is a smaller version without the large speaker but can still hear you and respond to commands. Alexa has thousands of different useful skills which can be activated just with a voice command. There is a whole section of skills in the Health & Fitness category, one of which is the “Stop, Breathe, Think” skill. You can say “Alexa, open Stop, Breathe, Think” and one of various meditation routines will be activated. The calm and relaxing voice will lead you through a guided meditation as opposed to you trying to clear your busy mind alone in a silent room.

2) Stream yoga classes at home with Yogaia

Armed with just a laptop or tablet and some decent Wi-Fi, you can now stream live yoga classes from home. The benefit of this service which is available for a monthly fee (that is cheaper than a lot of single yoga classes) is that you get the best of both worlds. You get the combined convenience of following a video at home with the ability to have a teacher watch your technique when participating in a class.

3) Achieve the right ambiance with smart lighting

The problem with traditional indoor lighting has always been how harsh it is. Incandescent bulbs trick our bodies into thinking it's time to be alert and active. Great when you're trying to concentrate on work, not so good if you're trying to chill out! Candles are great, but can be an effort to set up and a potential safety hazard indoors. Now with smart lights, you can control your lighting to be a more relaxing sunset color when you're trying to do yoga or meditation, or when you're trying to sleep. You can have them adjusted to change at a certain time, use a remote, or even control them with your voice using a smart assistant like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

4) Download the Headspace app

This app is available on Apple or Android and offers a multitude of ways to practice meditation and mindfulness at home (or where you happen to be in fact). The app has a free 10 day mindfulness program called “Take 10”. After that, there's a subscription fee to access lots of guided and unguided practices. Headspace also shares the love by donating a free subscription to someone in need for every person who pays.

5) Invest in an essential oils diffuser

Yoga and meditation are all about breathing, so why not make sure the air you breath is also helping to strengthen your mental and physical wellbeing? Essential oils are known to trigger the receptors of your brain responsible for controlling emotions, and one of the most effective ways of using them is in an electronic diffuser. It uses innovative ultrasound technology to emit the oils in a powerful mist that will fill the whole room with that that can help you get the best from your yoga or mediation practice.

I hope using these 5 technologies will help you to get the best out of yoga and meditation to improve your wellbeing without having to leave the house!

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You Think Meditation Is A Waste Of Time? Read On

So, you think meditation is a waste of time, your day is filled to the rim and the mind thought of adding yet another thing to your already overstuffed day is simply too much to contemplate.

In a world that is full of distractions you may be forgiven to think like this .

How often do you not follow through with a promise because something else just got in the way, or you simply forgot? If you follow your urges and get distracted easily you are not working efficiently, rather you are wasting your precious time.

Many executives and many millionaires swear by the power of regular meditation.

Any form of meditation calms the mind and reduces stress. However, guided transformation meditation goes way beyond that: It helps you design your life.

For example if you yield to your impulses, and who does not you can set the intent in the meditative state to change this behavior and become more mindful. You are taken through a process to feel the new behavior you want to adopt.

Meditation does not stop mishaps, but it makes life run smoother because it changes how you react to situations

If you are suffering with anxiety meditation will help you become calmer.

The other day I had to go to a meeting with a new client. I was a little late leaving and hitting a traffic jam on the highway. I had left my mobile phone at home and could not contact my new client and I did not know the area and had to completely rely on my sat nav to get me there.

The typical default reaction of the mind in such a situation is agitation:

The untrained mind wanders off into all sorts of negative scenarios: What if I am going to be stuck for hours, what if the sat nav is wrong, it happened last week, what is my client going to think? This is probably the end of a great business relationship before it even began.

Instead of getting worked up over the situation I decided to use the time to meditate on getting to my client in time and imagined a perfect meeting. I focused on feeling calm and remain in a heart centred space.

The heart is an important part of the guided transformation practice because it magnifies and magnetises the income you desire

You always get what you focus on. Most of us have no idea how to direct the mind to focus on the right things.

As it so happened I managed to get to my new client only a few minutes late. The office was easy to find and we had a great first meeting. We agreed on a training training program for the senior executives in the office, my very favorite type of coaching. What could be better?

In being able to control my mental state I was radiating an energy that proved that I walk my talk

Have you noticed that when you radiate a high energy things seem to work out somehow? Now imagine what will happen in your life if you can control your thinking and direct it towards your desired outcomes? Imagine how much time and energy you'd free up if you did not have to react to every glitch? At the very least life would become more enjoyable and we know, it is a well researched fact that happy people have more successful lives.

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Five Unknown Facts About Meditation

Meditation has become a common term among the society right now. It has spread its roots deep down starting from the corporate world to the common mass. The number of yoga institutions has boomed recently and numerous terms for meditation practices are coined to attract people in this path. Here the author discusses about five myths that most of the people have regarding meditation.

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Physiotherapy – Important Role in Treatment for Osteoarthritis and Frozen Shoulder

Many times people associate physiotherapy with back pain or sports related injuries; however, this is not so. Physiotherapy is a specialized science which deals with a plethora of physical problems caused due to disease, illness and injury or aging. One of the major aims of a physiotherapist is to enhance the quality of life of the affected individual and restore as much normalcy as possible.

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Spending Time With Eternity

It is found within. That is, you must go into your mind and seek it. When you get to a certain point you will no longer have to seek it. It will be there every moment of everyday to tap into great knowledge that you can use in everyday situations. We all have fractures that appear inside because of the everyday. It is up to each of us to release control back to the universal principle that everything is taken care of and every situation is perfect just for us.

Like a diamond, flaws can be a good thing. Each flaw allows us a challenge to learn or an obstacle to overcome. This happens by accepting it for what it is. By saying you can do something means that you are giving yourself an opportunity to learn. Opportunity surrounds us. We must learn how to watch for it whenever we are out and about our daily business, whatever that is for you. By keeping an eye open on how you can show love to those around you is giving yourself the chance to gather more and more opportunities.

Nothing always becomes something for us to be able to understand. We continue to flow forward in our life. That means there is no stopping that continuity. It does not matter whether you are being parent or going to work. We all continue moving forward living a life, furthering our species and moving forward. We should have no time to think about hurting one another when there is so much exploration in the physical and whatever other realm there may be. What is the point of hurting one another when with peace we could live passionately.

Amounting to greatness, gathering power, being the wealthiest, having the most spiritual thoughts is nothing without the meaning we give it. When there is love a deep warmth moves through the body. That love is our highest being, our spirit, our best part of ourselves that is connected to that world. In martial arts, a person moves without thinking. It is a combination of mechanisms of the human body and the spirit of the fighter. When one person moves the other flows and vice versa. Our bodies continuously move along, flowing with our spiritual or best side, and when we listen we can hear that best side. When we begin to listen to it more often life can be the most amazing experience you could ever ask for.

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Various Health Benefits of Meditation

The ancient practice of meditation is gaining popularity again in modern times. As this practice goes main stream, more and more people are enjoying its benefits. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Dhyana’ meditation means attention and contemplation.

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