“Be happy in the moment, that's enough. ~ Mother Teresa

How brilliantly has Mother Teresa summed up Mindfulness Meditation! We spend so much of our time time to rue our past and much more on worrying about the future but what we actually forget is that the current moment describes our utmost attention and emotion, and this is all Mindfulness Meditation is all about.

In this article the steps involved in Mindfulness meditation will be discussed. Being present in the current moment leaves us enjoying life to the full extent but practice will come into effect only if you perform it regularly and patiently. This will lead to better understanding and superior decision making capabilities.

Be aware of the fact that mindfulness mediation requires your total dedication and motivation. There is no 'right way' or 'wrong way', only different school of thought approaching mindfulness meditation differently. You just need to make yourself regular to those practices you feel most comfortable with.


Before you jump into the harmony and comfort of mindfulness meditation you need to check a couple of things on your to-do-list.


Just like in every physical exercise mindfulness mediation requires that you find the appropriate place for it. Preferably this should be quiet, away from any disturbance, safe and more importantly comfortable. The lighting should be average. Outdoor or indoors depends on your comfort level.


Whether you feel relaxed sitting down, standing up, lying at your back or even walking is completely up to you. But the main thing to remember is not to do it all if you are only a beginner and slowly build up to the different postures. Most people prefer sitting down on a flat surface with your legs crossed over.



Start by focusing cautiously on a single task that your body is performing, if you are walking as your meditation routine then focus on simple things like each breath you are inhaling or exhaling while sitting straight. Just let your mind be free and calm.


Once you are done with the awareness of your body, next is the awareness of your feelings and observations. Observe carefully without judging, all the conflicts that your mind is coming up with or whatever your mind is thinking of.

This sounds a bit abstract but once you get into that position you will realize that if you just let your ideas float by, you can actually observe them. But the key here is not to force it or judge it and allow your mind to be done in inner dialogue.

The required action you have to take is, observe not engage.

The occurrence of these thoughts during meditation means that they are being properly processed. These were always there, present in your mind; but you were simply not aware since there are so many thoughts that want your attention. But through meditation, your mind is being cleansed, one by one.


Gradually ease back into your normal physical exercise, give yourself a few moments rest.

It takes practice but the results will leave you feeling amazing and alive. The points I discussed are more general in approach and cover almost all the different approaches of mindfulness meditation.


Remember to follow a regular schedule. It may seem like it's not working in the beginning and to some of you may feel a little strange but you will have to keep at it. After repeated meditations; you will gradually reach a new level of mental fitness. Meditation is certainly the best gift you can give to yourself.