There are many types of meditation that people around the world practice today. It is a personal exercise and people have their own reasons for wanting to practice the art. Some types of meditation suit different people better than others with spirituality, fitness, and concentration all playing parts in the exercise. As an alternative health therapy, different types of meditation continue to gain popularity in the West year after year.

Meditation is a way of relaxing and calming first the mind, and then the physical body. A normal state of mind is actually quite abnormal, with visual stimuli and uncontrolled sensory signals being fed and then slowly organized by the brain. This leads to stress, unhappiness, bad mental health in some, and fatigue or tension in others. Various types of meditation slow down a person's thoughts and actions to let them enter a state of consciousness where serenity, clarity of thought, and happiness can be achieved. The many types of meditation all share a similar history and practice.

Meditation originated and has been practiced in Eastern countries such as China, India, and Tibet for over 5,000 years. It goes hand in hand with traditional Eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, where different types of meditation are used as a means to get closer to God. Meditation focuses on training the brain to be better equipped to deal with a hectic lifestyle. It also can be used for personal training, such as teaching people to believe in their inner self and to achieve the goals they have set for the future.

Finding the Right Place

To practice meditation, first find a quiet place to sit, away from all the distractions and noise of your daily environment. A cross-legged posture is traditional, but not necessary, as long as you are comfortable. Focus on keeping your back straight, preventing sleepiness or sluggishness. Close your eyes, either partially or fully, and start to pay attention to your breathing, letting your body breathe naturally, without effort or control, and preferably through the nose. Concentrate entirely on breathing, shutting out everything else. You will naturally start to think about other things, and this will show you how busy your brain is, and how it needs to relax from time to time. Ignore other thoughts and continue to focus on your breathing until you manage to completely settle your thoughts on the natural process of breathing.

Now you have achieved breathing meditation, a basic but quite powerful technique that is the method most people start with. Although there are higher types of meditation, learning this way of relaxing and focusing your mind is essential for developing skills in any higher types of meditation.

It is important to look at some of the meditation styles practiced around the world by people of all ages, races, and religions. This ancient relaxation technique is a universal phenomenon, which can help people from all walks of life achieve not only Peace of Mind, but also enlightenment and closeness to God.