The key to learning how to meditate if you are a beginner is to pick simple relaxation methods. By doing so, you will be minimizing the variations of outward diversions, while at the same time amplifying your concentration. Once you have mastered the art of simple meditation techniques, you can try out the different types of advanced meditation techniques.

Discussed herein, are a couple of formidable meditation techniques for beginners which you can easily master within a short period of time:

Tally Your Inhalation Meditation

This technique is designed to concentrate on the pace of your respiration by tallying your inhalation and exhalation. This technique is quite easy to apply. Once in a while, you may find your mind drifting away. This is quite normal for the first-time. When this happens, simply accept it and turn back to your breathing. With time, you will learn to control your mind, then preventing it from wandering.

How to Practice Deep Breathing:

The following are tips on deep breathing meditation techniques for beginners:

• Move to a quiet room where there are no distractions and bright light. Sit down on the floor. For comfort, sit on a pillow placed on a floor mat. Shut your eyes and start focusing on your inhalation. Be conscious of every breath taken in and out.

• Desist from the desire to regulate your breath. Then again, do not attempt to slow your breathing. All you have to do is breathe naturally and pay close attention to the pants.

• Start your count after a couple of pants. To do so, take deep short breaths as you keep count of the pants in your subconscious mind. The Counting will allow you to focus your mind, which will lead you to deep relaxation.

• If you find your mind drifting away while practicing this meditation techniques for beginners, accept it, and turn back to your respiration. With every drift of the mind, beginning counting again.

• Once you have fully mastered this skill, turn your attention to the vibrations of your breath (ie pace and depth). Is your breathing slow and quiet? Do you feel as if your breath goes to the belly or chest? Do you feel as if your body is calming down the more you breath? Take note of these changes without ceasing from counting. If you are unable to do so, simply proceed with your counting.

• Should you notice any slight changes in your body like muscle reactions while practicing this meditation techniques for beginners, know that the reactions are quite normal. Just carry on with your breath, just stay relax and focus on the counting. When your count gets to 100, gradually shift to normal breathing and open your eyes.