Meditation is one of those things that's talked about quite a bit but a lot of people do not get beyond thinking about it. Which is a shame as it's one of the easiest ways to relax and unwind.

There are lots of different meditation methods available. Some are mixed in with things like yoga classes (the two fit well together) but most people like to start with one meditation method and see how it works for them.

A breathing meditation is one of the easiest meditation methods for beginners. It involves breathing (obviously!), Usually with some kind of guided meditation track to help you through the process of focusing on your breath. So, for a beginner, it could be as simple as taking long, deep breaths and noticing how the air flows through your body. Many people find that this is sufficient to help them relax – taking deep breaths almost always works for this, whether you're meditating along them or not.

But it can also lead onto more energetic forms of breathing meditation where you actually boost your energy in the process. I've tried this once and was actually exhausted by the time the session had finished! And although the person I was practicing along told me that it got easier with practice, I never did repeat the exercise. But things like core energy meditation can take you along that process if you decide to pursue this.

Another easy way to meditate is with a walking meditation. Naturally you'll need your eyes open for this one – it involves taking full notice of the walk rather than it being a side effect of getting from A to B. So you'd pay attention to everything around you – the feeling of the pavement or grass or whatever below your feet as it transmits through the soles of your shoes. The colors of the buildings or foliage and the sky around you. The noises and sounds that you experience – whether they are urban or rural. You'll find that once you begin to concentrate on all these things as you walk, you'll have a heightened awareness of them. This may take a few attempts but as you progress, it gets easier and you get more and more out of the simple pleasure of walking.

A third way to meditate is with binaural beats. These are two slightly different frequencies that are played to you, normally with stereo headphones to ensure that the sounds are kept separate. These beats are designed to take your brain down into a state that would normally take years of practice to achieve. Instead, you can get to that level within as little as a few short weeks depending on the program you choose.

Binaural beats are perfectly safe and fit nicely with our modern lifestyle choices. You just need to be able to take a small amount of time out of most days to be able to listen to the track. Older programs needed 60 minutes to do this but our fast paced modern lifestyles mean that is not particularly achievable for many people. So newer programs have been designed which only need 30 minutes per session, which is much more manageable – you just skip your intake of daily news, for example (which is actually a good idea anyway!)