Meditation benefits the mind, soul and body by self regulating the brain to bring awareness of one's inner being. For this, many people believe that those who meditate are crazy or religious lunatics when meditation has been used by many for thousands of years.

There are so many types of meditation out there in this vast world, due to different cultures and traditions, that modern science has yet to agree on a definite definition of meditation.

Me, I've always just thought of meditation as clearing your mind of all of life's worries and getting in touch with your inner self, creating a state of consciousness that is all around better for you. Meditation is a way to empty the mind and attune to the body.

Meditation requires practice and patience, along with determination to find a proper technique that works for you. It takes time to get into the practice of meditation especially when first learning it. Many people find it takes way too much time out of their busy schedules and give up on it, not realizing the benefits they can reap by just sticking with it. Like anything else, it takes time to get into the routine of doing it.

Meditation can be used for so many of life's daily struggles, such as, anxiety, sleep disorders, weight loss and depression, leading to better health of your body. Science has proven that people who meditate have activated disease fighting genes.

Those who meditate are healthier in all aspects of life. They have less joint pain, stronger immune systems, hormone levels are even out and it helps to lower blood pressure.

Meditation reduces the stress of our daily lives. Stress can have a very negative effect on the body; many people just do not realize how hard stress can be on their health.

A meditative state is where ideas are sparked, where one can find guidance from one's inner self, where confusion and doubt do not exist. A good form of meditation will allow you to develop awareness of your body and senses.

Basically, whatever cause you would like to use meditation for in your life you will surely find a book, CD, cassette tape, DVD or even do an internet search, where you can find an abundance of information.

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and will be around for thousands more (as long as the world does not end next month), helping the human race to manage their lives better and find inner peace.