Life today has become very fast paced; everyone is in a hurry to get places, get things done and what not. If you ask someone to just sit down for a little chat, you'll mostly hear- “Where is the time?”

We often wonder how we became these people; why do we feel the need to escape our lives more often? With the advent of commercialization, globalization and ever increasing competition if we do not keep up with the pace of the world we will be left far behind. But all this running around starts to take a toll on our bodies.

You may have noticed little things like you wake up very tired one morning, talk in your sleep, feel really tired for days on end and there is constant negative energy around you. These are all ways in which your body is asking you to take a step back and go on a relaxing holiday. But sometimes you realize that even a short elopement with yourself for a little peace and quiet is not enough.

Meditation is the answer you've been looking for that will rid you from all the stress you are under and help you grow and develop into a better person.

Meditation is nothing but a state of complete easing of the body and awareness of the mind and your senses. By sitting in a relaxing posture and emptying your mind you can concentrate better on the little things happening around you and release your body of its tension.

One such practice of meditation is called guided meditation. Here, you are guided by an individual or a sound through your process of meditation. Today it is available in both an audio recording as well as a visual form.

Scenes that naturally exude calmness such as the forest, sea, sky, rainfall etc. are chosen. These are specially chosen because even when you are in the middle of all the hustle-bustle, these images make you feel like you are sitting at a shore with cool breeze in your hair, the sun shining light on your face, and waves breaking on the shore making a repetitive, soft and comfortable sound. Or think about the cool atmosphere of a forest, small birds chirping in the distance and footsteps of animals in your vicinity.

There is a voice that takes you through the entire process; makes you aware of your relaxing posture, helps you ease all your muscles tightness and heightens your awareness.

Meditation, especially guided meditation is very useful for anyone suffering for insomnia, anxiety, depression and stress.

Some key differences between the traditional meditation and guided meditation are as follows-

• Traditional meditation needs some effort on your part, which means that you concentrate into emptying your mind yourself which can sometimes be difficult.
Guided meditation gives you the easy way out! There is someone who is guiding you through this relaxing exercise and then all you have to do is follow the voice till the end.

• Traditional meditation does not incorporate visual and audio aids; you are then completely dependent on nature to keep your mind focussed.
Guided meditation on the other hand incorporates both these elements thereby making you feel more rejuvenated.

• When you are meditating in the traditional way you are only emptying your mind to let it be dominated by your awareness about your presence.
Guided meditation lets you fill your empty mind with beautiful, positive and relaxing imagery and sound.

Here is a quick snapshot of the benefits of guided meditation-

• Introduces you to the spiritual being within you.
• Helps you heal both emotionally and physically
• Increases your belief in yourself and makes you feel empowered
• Eliminates any negativity from your being
• Opens your mind to creativity
• Relaxes your body both internally and externally.