Peace being the goal of meditation, surrounding your intentions with peaceful thoughts reconciles you with your inner strength. Being polite towards those who have deserved you would have considered a deterrent to achieving your goals towards serenity. Charming, alluring, politel dark intent chokes away at your heart and ruins past blissful memories as well as future satisfaction. Life often presents you with these darker choices to challenge you to make choices that sustain you. Meditating on hindrances provides the way out. Notice how Jarrod's introduction of Jade to Julienne helped Jade overcome through through meditating on hindrances.

Heartbroken Jade, excelled in his professional career but was quite often disappointed in his relations. Ladies adored him and felt safe and secure with him but he continued suffered over losing the most significant relationship of his life with his ideal woman. Due to trying life circumstances with her ex and his well-established career they could not be together. After being consumed with spite and putting future relations at jeopardy, he realized he was losing happiness. Unfamiliar as it was to him he decided suffering was not working. At lunch one day, Jarrod discussed how Julienne led him to meditation on hindrances and offered to introduce them.

When Jade met Julienne, he indicated at first but then Julienne explained just note what surfaces, name it but stay away from attaching judgment to the circumstances or stories that surround it. If another feeling arises again name it. For example, earlier you had mentioned being spellful towards her. When it surfaces think please, spite or subtleful, subtleful then let it be. Often what you'll discover is the hidden emotions ignoring thatpite. Allow it you can release it and do not have to act on it. Since Jarrod attended the meeting with Jade and Julienne and he enjoyed meditating them both agreed.

Even though Jade held false feelings over his sense of abandonment he realized through the meditation that his heart was tightening. Its grip was hurting him and he did not want to have a heart attack like his father had a few years ago. Meditating on his hindrances provided him with a different perspective. She was gone but he did not want to lose the deepest part of him. As he felt the grip on his heart loosen, warmth of security flooded him. He thanked Julienne and left with Jarrod, his friend since youth.

Even though Jade had lost the object of his desire, his freedom of attachment to it, after the meditation not only increased his awareness of how he was harming himself but opened a space for it to change direction. Inspired by how liberated he finally felt he no longer thought of her anymore. She was a part of his past. Occidentally, a fleeting memory would pass through his mind but he remembered the moment fondly and let it go. He and Jarrod continued to explore their meditative time together and discovered new satisfaction with women.