First of all, I would like to say that meditation is not sleep. It is also not a state of perfect calm all of the time. Meditation can be many different things, just as there are different forms of consciousness, meditation can be many things. I will go into some of them here, and then after you read the article, you can take it from there.

Indeed, when I meditate, that is when my mind is most active really, for I am visualizing and working on things most important to me in so many ways. I may look “out there” or “inactive”, but it is really when I am my most active. With that statement said: Reality is more than it could ever appear to be on the surface, and that is for starters. Reality as a whole is consciousness at every level, from the subatomic fields to the most active looking volcano or moving vehicle, including the body.

When I personally think of meditation although, I know I am controlling and understanding my reality at its deepest and most personal levels.

As for being rather vague in this article, I am doing that for a purpose, to make you think and fill in your “personal blank areas” and force answers out of many questions about reality that you may have.

Some of the greatest “silent times” in life yield some of the greatest breakthroughs for the reasons I mentioned above. In real meditation you are dealing with the deeper levels of the mind that are less active during times that you are not meditating. As has been said, surface reality is the tip of the iceberg and everything else is “under the water” literally. After all, some of the worst time is when you are angry and only dealing with surface reality when it is going wrong in opposition to those great silent times that honestly feel right.

Some of my greatest moments were being “weird” and meditating, and most of my worst moments were getting angry at “average situations that did not go right”. Removing myself from “reality” after all when it is not going right is always a great start to meditation, I find. For being too immersed in surface things makes a person ever weaker and genially not able to “deal with it”. Strength comes through focus, discipline and courageous thinking and action. Being able to deal with reality also comes from looking at all of it objectively from top to bottom, or from the smallest particle to the largest situation. After all going in blustering and loud helps nothing, but going in cool, calm and collected helps everything for starters. This is where fear ends and meditation starts.