What is the most overlooked and underused aspect in modern medicine? Our intentions. Using our intentions to manifest our desired state of health is rarely considered to be part of our active wellness program, yet it should be. Harnessing our own intentions is the most effective way that we can all play an active role in our own healing.

We are now at a crossroads where this ancient wisdom is becoming more main-stream. Medical communities in cultures all around the world have known for thousands of years that a focused positive patient is more likely to heal. Leaders in science are discovering that we are far more complex than biochemical machines. Health encompasses physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. It is impossible to separate our physical being from emotional and spiritual levels.

Our intentions create our reality. Intentions directly affect our metabolism and consequently every aspect of our health. It is common knowledge in the scientific community that our intentions influence our healing processes. Although these concepts are well accepted, the medical community has been slow to integrate these ideas into practice.

After discovering the structure of DNA the scientific community became obsessed with finding a structural biochemical explanation for every biological process. As technology advanced it seemed that every mystery in biology would be explained by physical biochemical interactions. When the human genome was sequenced this was thought to be the final frontier in molecular biology, which would leave few remaining mysteries in biology.

Rather than solving all biological questions, it became apparent that there are many important mechanisms which remain poorly understood. It turns out that our environment determines which genes are “turned on” and which ones are not. This selective control of the DNA results in these cells having completely different properties. The field of epigenetics emerging which has dramatically changed our understanding of biology. Epigenetics expresses the fact that environment has a significant and detectable impact on changes in every cell of our body. There are proteins that associate with the DNA and it is these proteins that deter- mine the expression pattern of these genes. Proteins are incredibly sensitive to their environment and the slightest change in the environment results in significant changes to their activity.

A critical factor in our environment is how we choose to perceive our environment. Everyone is in complete control of their own perception of reality. We can certainly feel the difference in our body when we are relaxed or when we are tense. If we perceive our situation to be positive and ideal for healing then this changes the environment within our body. This directly effects cellular events and consequentially our health. When someone is actively trying to improve their health, regardless of what the medical condition is, the goal is to change cell metabolism so that balance can be restored.

Almost a decade ago I discovered my healing ability quite by accident, through a desire to help relieve my Mom's pain and suffering from multiple sclerosis. Even to this day it is a mystery to me as to why I have these abilities. Perhaps I have connected to my healing ability from my aboriginal shaman ancestry as I am related to my tribe's last known tribal shaman healer. I have had the privilege of participating as an invited healer in many sacred healing rituals, which have shaped my approach to energy healing.

In an attempt to scientifically understand what I experience, I have graduated from university in molecular biology and biochemistry and am now studying to become a naturopathic doctor. I am fascinated by the dynamic nature of all molecules of life. Metabolism is based on enzyme activity and these enzymes are directly affected by our intentions and thoughts. There is no such thing as an idle or neutral thought. This should be a huge motivation for everyone to practice positive thoughts and intentions.

When I first experienced healing with energy, the per- son receiving the energy was in the same physical room as me. Then I learned how to do distant healing and understood that distance is not a factor. What we perceive as separateness in physical terms is illusory as we are all part of an interconnected field of information. This is the basic premise of how far energy healing works. It was during this time that I helped musician Ronnie Hawkins, friend of President Bill Clinton and John Lennon alike, recover from terminal pancreatic cancer and Dr. Edgar Mitchell, astronaut and founder of IONS ( Institute of Noetic Sciences ) heal from kidney cancer. After several international television shows, interviews and articles such as in Rolling Stone Magazine, I became well-known in healing.

As I am able to perceive or “see” how energy moves, I have discovered the potential of visualizations. I can “see” that healing is an innate and teachable skill and that every one of us can use to maximize our own healing potential through intentions. The most effective way to focus your intentions on healing is to visualize the healing process happening. Visualizations are focused intentions and they are a means to consciously focus intentions on healing. Your cells are conscious organizations that do everything possible to maximize their contribution to your health and well-being.

Every cell in your body is functioning together for the benefit of you, the whole organism. This knowledge is very empowering because you have the power to influence every biochemical event that occurs in your body. Molecular biology is finally beginning to confirm what everyone has known for thousands of years; that your intentions influence your health. So take the time to clear your mind and talk with your cells because they are certainly listening to what you have to say.