It's been said that in silence we find our true self, well, as a meditation practitioner I'd like to share that this statement carries fundamental evidence. If our true self lies within the boundaries of silence and if we, as Seekers, really want to know where to find this silence and how we may find our true self, then we must find a way to get there.

In my previous article, In Silence You Find Your True Self – Part 1 I mentioned that in a deep meditative state there are absolutely no:

  • Words – Verbiage exists regardless in form of expression, language, vocabulary, nor terms.
  • Images – Neither in icons, pictures, ideas, nor figures.
  • Sounds – No such things as hums, echoes, noises, jingles, nor any type of clatter.
  • Thoughts – None exist in terms of feelings, opinions, judgments, or points of view.

Once we've attained part one, which is silence, then what?

Then comes part two, finding your true self. What is your true self?

Your true self in a meditative state is:

  • Indescribable Peace – Peace is like an extreme quietness.
  • Profound Tranquility – Tranquility is like full harmony.
  • Utmost Serenity – Serenity is like an ultimate contentment.
  • Great Love – Love is like an intense caring for yourself and others.

Summary of part one and part two: Silence is an essential component to finding your true self and must first be attained in order to gain entrance into a treasure trove. This treasure trove is where you find your true self. Examples of your true self are: loving, peaceful, harmonious, serene, calm, to name a few. This is your true self.

Upon each return from your deep meditation practice you bring with you a piece of some treasure. You will not know what specific treasure, but that treasure is what you need most in your life and will manifest in the form of you becoming more loving, more peaceful, or more harmonious with others. That treasure will emanate from you to those around you and believe me, others will notice!

I hope you too find your true self; that beautiful, loving, caring, harmonious person!