In meditation circles we often hear the phrase “In silence you find your true self”. As a certified meditation instructor and practitioner I'd like to share that this statement carries fundamental evidence. If your true self lies within the boundaries of silence and if you, as a Seeker, really want to know where to find this silence and how you may find your true self, then you must find a way to get there.

In regards to a daily meditation practice, research has found that 20 minutes twice a day is sufficient for everyday life and routines. If you're a new practitioner you may need to set a timer to keep track of your time. After much practice you'll know when the 20 minutes are up and will not need a timer. You're self-awareness will let you know when the time is up. Upon your return from your meditative state, you'll find yourself refreshed, nurtured, loved, and at peace with yourself and those around you.

Remarkably, while in a deep meditative state you're still aware of your surroundings and outside noises do not interfere with that indescribable silence of deep meditation. As a meditation practitioner, I have found myself in this silence and have seen my true self; therefore I'd like to share my finds so maybe you too may find your true self which is loving, peaceful harmonious, and serene.

I'll begin with silence. What does silence in a deep meditative state actually mean? It means there are:

  • No Words – Words as you know them exists regardless in forms of expression, language, vocabulary, nor terms.
  • No Images – Images in your mind exist neither in icons, pictures, ideas, nor figures.
  • No Sound – Sound does not exist in any formats such as hum, echo, noise, jingle, nor clatter.
  • No Thoughts – Thoughts do not exist either in feelings, opinions, judgments, nor points of view.

Yes, it's an attainable state, but only if you continue your daily meditation practice. The purpose of the deep silence is to be able to walk into a treasure trove where you find your true self. The information I'm sharing is too extensive to place as one article so I encourage you to please read In Silence You Find Your True Self – Part 2