Every meditation should begin by focusing upon 7-10 deep breaths. It's not a rule but a good head-start for deeper meditations.

Occasionally, the whole game is to improve channeling of energy. That's the very reason some people find themselves in the state of meditation even when they are busy doing their daily work. They are so focused and certain about their intention. Do not just meditate for no reason or you'll make it pointless and soon quit. Have an intent.

The intention is what makes our lives move. So is in meditation. Self-discipline comes with clear intentions. First of all, understand why you are meditating and what return you will get from meditating. Be absolutely clear about your desire.

Because when you meditate and get deeper into yourself, you energize your aura and energy literally flows through you. Your goals and desire will manifest way faster than normal. As you practice further, you'll have some kind of psychic achievement where you'll be absolutely able to focus all your energies on to anything you intend to.

And did I forget, you'll have some strange and divine experiences on the way?

Simply speaking, you'll amplify how life unfolds onto you. So, least we can expect is you pointlessly channel your energies into negative manifestations. All you need is some simple goal setting approach.

Inculcate some simple self-discipline into your lifestyle. Here is a simple goal setting guide for help.

Step 1. Take an exercise book and use it only for writing down your goals. My guru taught me every one of us has desires. And we should keep ourselves reminding us our desires, every night and morning so as to channel our energies in those directions and making them achievable.

Step 2. Every day, after meditating in the evening, generally before going to bed, write down exactly what you want your life to be in present tense. Try to be as much positive as possible. For example, if you want yourself to be healthy and sexy, you might write “I am so thankful that I've a healthy, muscular and sexy body. great body. ”

Try and avoid as much negative words as possible, like problems, solutions, etc. Write as if what you want in your life has already happened and you're happy about it.

Step 3. Read it every morning – The first thing to do every morning is to read it out. Read what you wrote last night and keep yourself reminded about how you want your life to be and how you want to utilize the tremendous stock of cosmic energy accrued within you due to regular meditation practice.

Step 4. Try and stay away from distractions – Do not try to control yourself as the divine consciousness know what's best for you. Once you give it up, you'll find all the stuff automatically aligning for you. Bush and you'll feel like the divine guidance is not working.

I really regret when people learn meditation as a technique. Well, believe me, it's not a technique. Get technical and you'll fall in the trap of staying where you are. No doubt, you'll improve your physical realities like relieving stress, you'll have a hard time moving on to higher dimensions.

Try meditating as if it was a God's grace. It's your intentions that matter ultimately because that's how your manifestations will unfold.

Summary – Write your life's goals every day, after meditating in the evening. Read them right after you get up in the morning. Feel them. Focus upon them. Write down how you want each and every aspect of your life to be – from girlfriend to care, from health to happiness and you'll find self-discipline happen automatically to you.