From personal transformation to deep relaxation, guided imagery can influence your subconscious mind and allow you to unleash your full potential. The power of guided imagery meditation comes from its portability and simplicity. It is a practice where you create harmony between your mind and body through focused relaxation. It is a gentle yet powerful technique that helps you direct your imagination in positive, proactive ways.

Guided imagery meditation uses using all of your senses, not just your visual sense, so that you are absolutely transported to that image you had in mind. Various research studies have explored the effect of mind-body technique, including guided imagery. Researchers from different universities in the world reveal that this strategy for breast cancer patients produced significant effect sizes, with boosted killer cell activity, among others.

There are also articles and posts that highlight how it elevates immune system functioning, with cell-specific imagery affecting white blood counts. Other studies in major universities around the globe further echo the positive changes in immune activity at a cellular level. Here, it is already conclude that it is a very powerful technique that produces a lot of benefits. And these benefits of meditation should, in no way, replace medical forms of therapy for serious illnesses, like cancer.

Its undeniable boost in immune function certainly makes it a powerful physiological and psychological added tool for improving your health. Guided imagery is known to stimulate heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory patterns. So there are indications that it will decrease respiratory problems. It could also decrease blood pressure, decrease pain, and enhancing healing.

With such effects, you're also likely to cut short a hospital stay. Aside from its physiological benefits, it can also decrease anxiety and stress. It can also help you improve the quality of your sleep. Practicing the best guided meditation will allow you to tap into inner strengths that drive courage and control. When you have a sense of control, it can become a powerful form of therapy. With control, you will have higher optimism. You will feel a greater ability to manage pain for both physical and emotional. You will feel better about yourself and about your future. This strategy is, indeed, a very smart one.

Knowing that the mind is an extraordinary thing, you can use it to boost your whole being. When you practice guided imagery meditation , you can unlock awesome possibilities you never even think about. Whether it's personal development you're after or profounding healing you need, let it take you to your goal of health and wellness.