Heartbreak and soul searching romantic relationships usually require a lot of tender loving care for the heart, a gentle reminder that you are complete as you are and are not lost in the wilderness of emotions.

Healing the heart takes time and can be aided by many means, the ingenious method used in the ancient days becomes all the more meaningful as we acknowledge that we are beings of energy. Mala beads and yantras together harness the energies that are needed to heal the specific chakra. The energy lines and the conflux of vibrations that are generated through mantra chanting the flow of energy arises from the universe – the cosmic being to your heart – prana that which is a part of the divine. Gorgeous gem-mala beads, strung by hand with pendants of rudraksha, the seed of Shiva and Hamsa the protection hand, the malas generate double the energy and perk up sad hearts. Gem and color therapies blended to create jewelry that treats all emotional energies of a breakup: nourish and heal a broken heart, as well as honor the love once shared. The chakra mala beads are endearing gifts for a loved one going through an emotional roller coaster of break up. Shiva mala beads, Shakti beads, Krishna mala, Ganesha mala are the perfect way to begin that journey towards a healed heart. Here are few details on this unique ancient secret of the sages:

Sri Yantra and quartz crystal mala with rudraksha pendant jewelry helps to start new beginnings, and encourages the shakti in you out of the slumber of a broken spirit, sad and lost leading to the birth of the new you.

I went through several episodes in my life and each time I would connect to a different mala and mantra as the one resonating with my chakra that needed healing. My deep and personal inspiration was my grandmother who would meditate morning and evening for hours repeating mantras for the well being of our family and her desire to enrich our lives.

Gemstone mala beads combine color and gems with symbolic meanings like the Om pendant, Chakra pendants calm the mind, strengthen and fortify healing and are a continuous reminder through the day to stay secure with these loving thoughts. The reiki pendants balance the chakras and energize the stream of energy that flows from the root chakra to the crown. Ancient science of the sages in practice today and for many years to come will always be how we balance ourselves with the energies of nature.