Meditation happiness is paramount to achieve especially in today's times when we can be easily affected by the most minuscule things happening around us.

But achieving this mediation happiness is a tough nut to crack. There are so many distractions that come in the sacred path that leads us to the glowing and energizing spirit that mediation shows.

Our lifestyles, thinking process, values, desires and goals, all of these and even more can be easily deterred from the right direction. The sad part is that we realize this when the things have gone way out of our hands. And for this the practice of creating meditation happiness in our life is very essential.

Therefore, here are some methods that will help us to create this wonderful phenomenon of meditation happiness and give some space to it in our lives. They are:

  1. Self-acceptance can prove to be the stepping stone to achieving meditation happiness. Happiness has always been an innate feeling. Since, it's always with us on the inside; we can say that it secretly waits for us to be brought out and given the space to shine. Due to the competitive spirit that we are born with, we have certain goals that we set for ourselves for us to achieve. But there are people who have tasted success but are still empty inside. This simply tells us that success is not a parameter to define happiness. Sometimes accepting things as they are lets you be compassionate towards others.
  2. To create meditation happiness, we can start being a simple yet important practice of deep breathing. Not just breathing but feeling the sensation of our own breath. This will make us feel booth relaxed and alive. This will also transport us from the mental banter to the present state of awareness. It will infuse more oxygen into the body, it goes without saying.
  3. We should try listening to music more often. Select some piece of music that connects the soul with the positive energies. It can be an old song reminding us of the olden golden days or even an instrumental piece that just glides through the walls of the mind, body, heart and soul. Words do not always have to be there to express emotions, do they?
  4. Drawing, painting or just doodling with a pen on a piece of paper can also calm the nerves that the daily hullaballoo sends us. Other than relaxing the mind, it's also a very easy practice and good if we wish to enhance visual memory. It really allows you escape like a deer into the dark forest, away from the sometimes overpowering leonine circumstances.
  5. We also recommend tickling the funny bone by sitting before a TV and watching some fabulously written and timed comedies. If we wish to see an all time favorite, looking up YouTube is perhaps the best and easiest option.

Trust us; these simple ways to create meditation happiness will make a whole lot of difference.