20 years ago I walked out of life. At least the life I had grown up with and was familiar with. And, I started down a path that was foreign to me. I began to study many things … to learn about things scientific and economic. Financial and business things. I learned how to process astrological charts. I read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations. I studied meditation and read about Buddhism. I learned about myself. About how my life happened. And, I began an extraordinary journey of restoring my health through quantum theory. I actually became consciously aware of painful emotions and feelings and went about the task of getting past, and curing myself of these ailments.

This was not an easy journey. I had always thought I was the courageous type but soon discovered I was full of fear. And, as I began learning about our economic structure and all that was wrong with it, our environment and how much destruction there really was on our beloved planet, the greed, the poverty, the discrimination … what I discovered appalled me!

I had come to realize that the Governments and the media … well, their job was to keep us under control and to do that meant to keep us in fear! Sadly, “fear sells.” Like fear of growing old, fear of poverty, fear of terrorism, 'etc. So, in order to get to the truth, which I had also come to learn was the only safe ground to stand on, I had to conquer my own fears. There were many.

I had to get past all the crap, all that illusion, to get to the core. And, what I discovered there took my breath away because the truth could not be more positive!

This planet, our Mother Earth, has just completed a 26,000 year cycle. We are now entering a new age. The Age of Consciousness. The indigenous people know all about this because of their intimate connection with animals and the earth. In point of fact, these indigenous peoples, during the Tsunami of 2004, knew it was coming and moved to higher ground. Their people did not perish as so many others did.

What appears to be happening now is a 'reckoning' as the native peoples refer to it. Mother Earth is right now shedding all the negativity that has been accumulated over the years. She is going through a birthing process so to speak. And, we all know that birthing can be messy. But, until we witness the collapse of the current financial paradigm, this birth will not happen.

According to the indigenous peoples, as our planet is going through this process of re-birth, it has begun to vibrate at higher levels. This process is generally referred to as Ascension.

And, all we have to do if we want to travel with this Earth to a higher level of consciousness, is to stay in a place of love and we will match her vibrations. And she will find us wherever we are and take us with her.

I have read and studied these various topics. This may not be your truth. I know that. We all have our own paths to travel on. But, what I have gathered over the years is that we all have a role to play in this. We are here for a reason. So, go on, get a handle on those fears of yours. For me, it was through meditation. In any case, just find a way to get past them.

For, we are now alive in the most extraordinarily exciting times in the history of mankind and you do not want to miss a moment of it!