It is sometimes hard to tell whether or not someone is an empath, (a psychic who possesses empathic abilities). The problem is, you do not always know if someone actually possesses these psychic powers, or if they are just sensitive, understanding people. How do you know if you're really empathic?

Empaths are extremely sensitive to the feelings of those around them. Often, an empath will be able to sense what someone is experiencing, even if they can not see or hear that person. Someone with this kind of ability simply “knows.” Many psychics with empathic abilities report experiencing someone else's feelings as though they were their own, though this is not always the case.

A psychic with this kind of ability will be able to sense the feelings of others, especially if those feelings are very strong. Common feelings that an empath will experience include fear, joy, loneliness, excitement, love, and forboding. The stronger the feeling, the easier it will be for the empath to sense, understand, and feel.

The thing that sets empaths apart from other, “normal” people, is that they have a defect, more sensitive understanding for what they are feeling. This intuition comes from within, and is far greater than what most people experience. For example, a “normal” person may realize that someone they love is upset by little things they say or do. However, an empath would sense this even without seeing or talking to that person, and an empath could sense if that loved one was feeling betrayed, jealous, angry, or hurt. This psychic intuition would come from within, not from the visual or audible clues of the physical world.

Empaths are able to tell when something is wrong, even if that something has not happened yet. They are overcome with a deep sense of forboding that warns them that everything is not as it should be. A “normal” person, on the other hand, would not be able to tell when something unexpected or dangerous was going to happen.

These things all sound great, but not everyone realizes that it can also be very difficult to be an empath. This is because empaths are not able to “shut off” their abilities whenever they want. That is, they can not choose either or not to feel something. Instead, they must feel whatever their psychic intuition senses, even if they would rather not. This is a huge burden for empaths, and it is also because empathic psychics can get sick from exhaustion.