Meditation has been around for thousands of years, early Indian scriptures known as “tantras” first made references of meditation techniques over 5,000 years ago. Buddha promoted meditation far and wide across the Asian continent around 500 BC which was adopted and further customized among different cultures, religions, and ethnic groups.

As early as the 1920's and 1930's Edgar Cayce promoted meditation and wrote …

“These, as we find, are slow, yet sure, if there will be kept, not only the corrections made occasionally, once a month or such, might be the more often but the meditation; and in the meditation, do not meditate upon, but listen to the voice within. For prayer is supplication for direction, for understanding. Meditation is listening to the Divine within. (Cayce Reading 1861-19) ”

But it was not really until the 1960's and 1970's when meditation began to make inroads into western society when many professors and researchers began conducting studies and learning how to meditate to test the effects of meditation and its multitude of benefits. This research has proven that meditation provides overwhelming positive effects on an individuals overall health and spiritual wellbeing.

So what steps must one take to learn how to meditate for beginners? In its simplest form meditation is stilling our mind and body by focusing on our god spirit within instead of the world around us. Studies have shown a minimum of 11 minutes of daily meditation is needed to get the best results including a sense of peace which carries over into your waking life.

For those who are interested in learning how to meditate, there are a few forms of meditation one could pursue. They may vary based on physical motives such as yoga prana breathing techniques, or mental techniques such as meditation which involves clearing your mind of all thoughts, feelings, and emotions typically by focusing on a mantra or affirmation. Blanking your mind may sound easy to do but it's much harder than you think and not recommended when learning how to meditate for beginners.

According to Edgar Cayce clearing your thoughts is not even necessary as the mind is “a constructive force and allows for the closest attunement possible if used in the right way.” In other words, through visualizations such as seeing what you desire in your mind, you can utilize the law of attraction and draw what you desire in life.

Meditation provides three levels of benefits. Physically we can relax; mentally our negative thoughts and ego and become quiet and focused; and spiritually we can feel energized, loved, and able to deal with other people and events in a much more positive way.

When adopting a meditation regime its best to place yourself on a daily ritual so you will not forget or be distracted by life daily activities that you will forget. Remember just like if you forget to eat, your body can become fatigued, so too with meditation, if you forget then your spiritual body can become run down and you start to lose touch with your connection with god.

The best place to meditate is a place where you can find quiet without distractions such as bedroom, bathroom, or even car provided you are not driving while meditating. At this point you may want to slow down your breathing and become aware of each breath as you begin to relax. Then bring your awareness to whatever it is on your mind and ask the universe to show you the answers you seek.

You may even want to try tools to assist you such as a guided meditation audio recording. Many of these can be purchase from many online sources such as eBay or Amazon, or you can download them for free off YouTube using a wonderful tool known as

Guided meditation audio tracks are great when learning how to breathe properly and how to focus your mind on whatever you desire. They are also wonderful for people who have trouble visualizing in their mind and those not sensitive to chakras or chi energy fields.

Another great tool is the Neo Meditation cube which brings chi energy into your body. The cube is based on sacred geometries and channels consciousness energy into thought manifestation. You could consider them reality generators as they help users bring their desires into fruition using the power of the god force within. So whatever method you choose to confident in your ability to create your own reality and walk with full faith in the divine path god has ordained for all of us.