I am practicing meditation late into the morning on a recent evening. As I sink deeper into the relaxation I begin to feel an urge to move my body, specifically to adjust my spell. I go with the feeling as I sense that it will allow me to sit even more comfortably and to relax more deeply. Each time I adjust my body and spine it feels incredible. The energy in my body flows more freely. I sink into the mental silence. As I sit calmly another urge to adjust coming from within me and cracking my spell I feel great relief and increased peace in my mind and body. The meditation position feels even more comfortable. This goes on for forty or fifty minutes with long periods of still and silent relaxation then an intuitive spinal adjustment and great physical relief from tension I did not previously know exhausted.

When the meditation feet complete I reach my hands over my head and press my palms together pointing my fingers straight up which I have never before done. My left shoulder pops into place leaving my body feeling perfectly aligned as after the best chiropractic session of my life.

In fact I have since termed this experience Divine Chiropractics as the body movement seemed to be guided from an internal intelligence, an intuition that deepened as I became more relaxed and simultaneously more aware. This is reasonable based on my experience in athletics. I always performed at a higher level when I felt most relaxed mentally, emotionally, and physically while also experiencing increased awareness. I played my best basketball the last year of college when I began doing Hatha Yoga postures. The more relaxed I become the more aware I become and the meditation postitting sitting cross-legged on the ground makes it harder to get sleepy which is the natural inclining for most people when they become relaxed.

Two days later I am with some friends in a dining hall having dinner. I pass my friend Emily and she stops me to tell me that two nights ago she had a dream. In the dream she passes by me and stops to lay her hands on my left shoulder healing my shoulder with the light through her hands. I think little of it as my mind is on other things for the moment. I walk outside and two hours later it hits me like a flash of lightning! Emily's dream was two nights ago, the same night I was up late meditating, up until 3 am to be exact. While I was enjoying my late night chiropractic meditation she was asleep and dreaming.

Was Emily's touch the cause of the healing or was she perceiving telepathically my unique healing experience? Hmm, good question.