I discovered meditation in my late teens to aid in my stress and struggles through an eating disorder. Now, nearly twenty years later, I teach others how easily meditation can significantly plant the seeds for health and healing in modern life.

The benefits of meditation have been thoroughly researched and documented by world-class research institutions such as Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Monash University and the Universities of California and Massachusetts. The scientific and medical communities first began testing the value of regular meditation practice in the 1960's. They were surprised to discover that meditation prompts the relaxation response and acts as an antidote to stress.

Just do a quick Google search on the 'benefits of meditation' for a fascinating and impressive list of praise and recommendation from both clinical study and direct experience.

Today, doctors and health practitioners continue to discover the increasing benefits on the human mind, body and spirit. Regular meditation is showing a significant improvement for those who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, skin disorders, depression, infertility and chronic pain from diseases such as cancer.

As you improve your technique with regular practice, meditation has proven to enable you to heal physical and emotional hurts as well as improve your immune system. Over time you will learn how to cope with fears that may be causing you anxiety, as meditation helps to diminish destructive emotions such as anger and unhappiness.

If you practice meditation for at least 20 minutes every day, you will discover life changing benefits on many levels. The size of the benefits will always be in direction proportion to the amount of time and regularity of your meditation practice.

Perhaps after one 20 minute practice you may notice a greater capacity for a fuller breath that is easier to become aware of. After a week of daily practice you may notice an overall sense of calm and peace, lower stress levels, less physical tension, quality sleep and a higher tolerance to situations that previously made you irritated and tense.

Clinical studies discovered that the benefits of regular meditation include …

• A significant reduction in the effects of stress in your life
• A greater sense of calm and peacefulness
• More clarity of thought
• Greater self-confidence and improved self-esteem
• A sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
• Better sleep
• More physical energy
• Increased motivation
• Assisting in the treatment of illness and disease
• Lowering high blood pressure
• Regulating weight
• Increasing mental capacity
• Assisting in pain management
• Relief from mild depression, tension headaches, irritable bowel and PMS
• Increased focus when studying or preparing for exams

With increasing instances of prescription antidepressants, stress leave and anxiety, there is no better time to practice inner calm than now …