Hardly a week goes by when I do not receive yet another invitation to go on an exotic retreat. Yesterday it was Mount Shasta, last week I was asked to go on a cruise to clear my mind and reboot. The spin around exotic retreats has reached a point where I felt I had to point out some contradictions which should be obvious, alas most people are not aware of them.

If you are looking for repeating change, a change of scenery may give you a short boost, but as soon as you are back home, the effect wears off. This incidentally has been proved in a number of experiments by neurologists.

Lasting change only arises through regular application of different habits and different thinking because we are what we do day in and day out.

Geopathic fallacy, as it has also been called, plays to the mind's illusion that a change of scenery will change your life and bring lasting happiness.

If you want to relax, any form of meditation will train your body to become relaxed.

If you are looking to transform your life, or are going through a period of turmoil and adjustment you may benefit from coaching or mentoring over a period of time.

Regular short breaks have shown to be more effective in creating lasting changes. It is the way the brain learns best.

Transformational change occurs over time and not in sudden bursts

If you experience a “sudden” change in your life, the energy has been building over a long period of time in the background of your subconscious mind.

Your environment only changes your own energy if the environment is changed permanently. For example certain Feng Shui strategies raise the environment in your office or home permanently. Your body entrains with the higher vibration over time, particularly if you learn to consciously feel and align with the new vibration.

Change occurs when the chemistry in your brain changes

Once the chemistry in your brain changes, new neural pathways have been created. Regular practice of thinking differently and acting differently from your habitual ways of thinking and acting gradually build stronger neural pathways.

Transformational meditation is a technique that teaches you how to change your own energy irrespective of location

Next time you see a retreat offer be mindful of what you are buying into. The myth of locale as the healer is just another way of seeking the solution to your problems from the outside when the only place to change is within.