Combining the principles of Sacred Geometry, Vastu-Yoga of interiors and Conscious living we come to the foreflight of having a designated space for spiritual yoga or meditation, creating and evolving our connection to the source, the divine universe. It encourages consistency and builds up on our conscious resolve to become aware of our surroundings and the energy vibrations they carry. Welcoming you with its serene warmth and uplifting our spirits your sacred space calms your mind while driving it towards awareness of the supreme consciousness.

Your Sacred Space is your sanctuary, free from distraction, the northeast corner of your home carries the most conducive energies. Blues, greens, light purples have a soothing effect. Open sunlight streaming in through the windows, natural landscapes are ideal for sacrificing a divine influence on the mind and soul. Make your space personal and stylish, an extension of your inner personality and discover what truly works for you. Vintage tapestries handmade from old sari dresses in soft hues and random designs carry a conscious effort to use earth friendly decor.

Vintage recyclable sari patchwork floor cushions, handloom cotton blankets made in natural cotton, it is important to use materials that are inherently grounding, promoting a healthy environment.

Old puja lamps made from brass or copper, using “ghee” wicks creates soft warm hues of light that charge the room with positive energy. Old world traditions bring a structure to our practice and align our chakras.

The altar is the most important part of the room. Use vintage door tables or chests to serve as a space to place objects that are special to you. Handmade from vintage woods and studded with grounding metals they incorporate symbols and traditions of your preferred religious practice, or if you would rather you can use a mix of crystals or items that hold spiritual significance. My altar houses the Hindu Gods of Ganesha, Lakshmi, Durga, Shiva and Vishnu. The Sri Yantra is placed next to the Goddess and the Lingam next to Shiva. Evolution of the consciousness begins with evoking the energy of Ganesha and culminates by offering yourself, all of you to the Divine. Altar cabinets made from old temple doors carry beautiful meditative energies and are very practical as well for your your deities.

The five senses that corroborate to the five elements as in Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth – are matched to hearing, touch, vision, taste and smell, respectively. Ether through which sound is broadcast is related to the hearing function, the ear. Air is associated to the sense of touch, the sense organ of skin. Fire displays as light, heat and color, and is related to vision, the eye. Water corresponds to the organ of taste, as without water the tongue is unable to taste. Earth element is related to the sense of smell, the nose.The Five Subtitle Elements form the very basis for all things found in the material world. Encompassing the Five Elements in your meditation gives you a complete practice. Meditation practice begins with focus on the breath and your intention. Calming the mind, light the diya, placing a pitcher full of water next to your deity, begin with the Om mantra, the primordial sound of creation. Focus on your intention, each breath raising your vibration higher through the chakras till it merges with the Cosmos.

Spirituality is the path to the happiness of the heart. Evolve your practice by creating a sacred space that connects your conscious with your subconscious. Your home is your sanctuary; a place of joy, where your self illuminates unconsciously, knowing no boundaries.