What Most Energy Blocks Have In Common

I can sum this up very easily in one word. It's FEAR. In fact, I challenge you to find one single energy block or distraction that is not caused by fear. Learning to let go of our fears is a major step on the path to inner peace.

In many cases our fears exist for a good reason, to keep us from doing something stupid or getting out of control, but it's also possible for fears to be planted from seeds and cultured, usually to be harvested on Election Day.

Clearing Energy Blocks

I can give you an overview, but be aware this is a subject you can study for the rest of your life and still not learn it all. Volumes have been written about this.

Some energy blocks can be released simply through intention. Get into a light meditative state and simply say to yourself “I'm releasing anything I do not need and anything holding me back”. If you've built up any energy sensitivity through your meditation practice you'll feel your energy shift when you do this.

Louise Hay has a wonderful exercise where you stand in front of a mirror and repeat your affirmations while looking into your own eyes lovingly and lightly hitting your throat. I've found this and other forms of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping to work very well on a number of issues.

Forgiveness is another powerful tool and once again, in meditation, you can just say (and you have to mean it!) “I forgive everyone who has ever wronged me, made me angry, hurt me or hurt my feelings, _____________ (add your own here.) I also forgive myself for all the wrongs I've committed or the people I've hurt. ” Do not forget that last part. Self-Forgiveness is a very big deal. You may have the urge to contact people and apologize after doing this meditation. Go with it. I went through this process a few times and was shocked that I had felt bad for years over some things the people I thought I hurt did not even remember!

It can take a while for some of the concepts I've written about here to feel like they are working so do not be discouraged if you do not experience much instant gratification. You may have layers or levels of pain that need to be addressed also, so this is not necessarily a one shot fix. If you're looking for McPeace (with a side order of Enlightenment) you're in the wrong place. Remember you have a built in safety mechanism to insure that what you ask for is really what you want, so be consistent and you'll find yourself well on the way to achieving inner peace.

A Special Note for Those in Relationships

You're involved in a process that changes the way your energy flows, and the frequencies with which it flows. As your energy becomes stronger the energy levels of your mate will also begin to increase, just by the constant contact with you.

What you do to yourself can easily affect those you're close to, so do not be surprised if your mate also begins to experience some clean outs. This can frequently happen after or during sex as this is all sexual energy and when you begin to crank it up then it can easily affect others.

Fortunately, I was aware of this fairly early on as I had issues with several girlfriends who've experienced emotional clean outs while having sex. If you're not very well attuned to your own process it can be really shocking when the object of your affections bursts into tears after making love.

As usual communication is the key. You'll probably also begin to gravitate more towards sexual partners who are involved in metaphysics and energy work, or at least open to it. It can take a long time for a non-energy worker to get used to your energy and intensity.

If you're fortunately enough to be in a relationship with someone who can handle your energy the practice of Tantra can open up some fun new areas of study. “The Big Red Book” (Douglas & Slinger Sexual Secrets) can bring you and your partner hours of practice and exploration. This is another area where the discussion groups can be extremely helpful.

The closer you are to your mate the more energy you will share between you.

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