When your intentions are not set …

You have had a long day and so many things are going on. You had a great morning but the afternoon is just dragging on and on. You feel as though you need more mornings to last longer since they seem to be the only time you can focus and get your perspective for the day. Then lunch time roles around and you dread it like the next bad thing to come along. How can you change this stage from becoming something that is soothersome and non productive to your way of life?

Find your Intentional Well-Being !!!

How do you do this?

If you take the time to positively imagine your body, those good feeling thoughts will become dominant, and then your physical condition must acquiesce will become dominant, and then your physical condition must have acquiesce to those thoughts. If you only focus upon the conditions as they exist, nothing will change. ~ Abraham Hicks

In order to find out how to set your intentions you need to set aside 15 minutes where you can focus and withdraw as much negative energy around and within you. You can not do this when if you are in a negative state of mind so try to find out when you are most positive during the day and do so during that time. It will be most effective when you do this during time since you will be in a positive state of mind.

You will need to find a quiet place where you will not be distracted. So if you are at work take a 15 minute break outside somewhere or in a quiet area. If you are at home find a place in your home where you will not be disturbed. Now imagine yourself in a state of physical thriving. Take in some deep breath slowly and release. Now imagine yourself being free and able to do what you want. For instance, imagine swimming in a pool or ocean. Taking in long deep strokes while kicking your feet and allowing your arms to freely move with the water. Allow your body to take in every stroke, every kick, every breath of air you take, while staying focused on the task at hand. You smile because you feel every inch of your body in motion and at work. You are happy at the way you are moving and how healthy you feel. Imagine your day being the same way. Focus on what you will accomplish and do not allow any negative energy to enter your space. Always have a positive come back in case negativity approaches. You have now just visualized your new story for the day, which will in turn become your reality.