Many people associate meditating with some spiritual new age hippie nonsense without ever really understanding or even wanting to understand the benefits of meditation.

Although meditating is spiritual in a sense it certainly is not some new age hippie nonsense! It has been practiced by many different cultures and civilizations for thousands of years before us.

There's no substitute for meditating. It truly is an art form that has many benefits which is why we'll discuss just a few of the many benefits of meditating in this article.

Firstly meditating allows you to re-connect with yourself and open up channels of your subconscious mind that are buried deep. Very few of us actually take the time to assess ourselves and our happiness, purpose etc

Meditating allows you to really have a deaf understanding of yourself, both in the physical and mental sense. It strips away the false layers of identity and allows your true Divine self to shine through.

For example have you ever noticed the guy in the pub who acts the big man, saying stuff like “mess with me and I'll hurt you” and generally making his voice heard? Why is this?

It's a false identity, people like that deserve pity not respect. They have yet to reach into their soul and welcome the demons that are troubling them. Therefore they live behind a false ego to compensate.

That's an extreme example but we are all guilty of this to some degree. It's easy for us to “mask things over”. Meditating will help you realize your true self and help to address any buried emotional scarring.

Meditating is also known to increase the performance of the brain.

Although meditating is not directly related to increased IQ or intelligence it does allow you to use certain parts of the conscious brain that are used less often.

In short the conscious part of the human brain resides at the front (frontal lobe). This is then broken down into two categories; the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere.

The left hemisphere of the brain is that which most people use predominately! It deals with logic, reason, safety and such like.

The right hemisphere deals with a persons creativity such as their ability to think outside the box, problem solving, increased willingness to take risks and so on.

The problem is most people primarily use the left hemisphere of the brain which is much more cautious and logical than the right! This is due to schooling and extended education as well as influences such as media and even friends / family.

It has been proven that people who are more successful and have increased IQ use the right hemisphere of the brain more than the average person. These types of people are also known to be more willing to take risks and pay less attention to feelings of fear and reasoning.

Certain types of meditation practices can help you to tap into the right hemisphere of the brain and unleash your creative and daring streak.

This alone can really have a substantial impact on a person's mental attitude.

Meditating is known to improve a persons state of awareness (consciousness).

The mind of a person who meditates is generally much more relaxed and at peace and able to cope under stressful situations much better than the “ordinary” mind.