What are the Benefits of Meditation?

When someone asks “What are the benefits of meditation,” they also must wonder, what is meditation? Rather than get cooked up in a chicken and egg situation we will answer in brief. Meditation is a process to follow that will bring the mind to persistence , a state of peace . The benefits and the definition are so very much all in one.

Imagine yourself:

– With a quiet calm mind,

– Access to clear and powerful thinking,

– With an ability to read and absorb what you are reading without distracting thoughts,

– Having access to rest and sleep without turmoil,

– Having increased energy through the day,

– At peace while the storms of life rage around you.

Practice of Meditation

The practice of meditation is described in a multitude of books, but this is all theory. Meditation is indeed a practice that has to be experienced to be understood.

Selecting the Good

In fact it encompasses a whole of life approach that results from a teaching and practice over a long period of time. If you devote yourself to something in life, and give this enough time you will certainly reap the results. Unfortunately, if this be a devotion to habits, thoughts or lifestyles that are contrary to best interest you will unfortunately reap the just rewards. Sometimes that is incomprehensible, but certainly it will be justice.

In like manner, if you read what is good, eat what is good and act well giving service to others you will reap the reward. It may sometimes seem that evildoers get to gain, but universal justice will always prevail.

The Fruits of Our Actions

If you really want to taste the fruits of a well nurtured life, learn the practice of meditation. Learn from very selective reading and from good company, and live in the awareness of the present moment. Let your life shine, rest in the deep peace, and experience the unity of all. Over time your mind will become even more discerning. You will know the distinction between confounding ideas or beliefs and the Truth.

How can you be sure? It's perfectly simple, just try it and see what happens. Every day devote some time to reading what is good, spend time in good company and practice meditation.

Good company is not always so readily available, however we can certainly be very discerning when we select what we read, what we watch on television and the quality of people we associate with. It must be obvious that bad company can bring down a good man or woman, however, it is equally true that good company can lift us and leave us feeling good from our association. In like manner, by being selective in what we say to others we can raise them up.

May you find peace and happiness.