Meditation is a time of peace and tranquility in which we let go, for the time of practice, all of our daily thoughts, all the things that pursue us during our day and that sometimes weigh us a bit by lowering our level of contentment.

When we relax and indulge in the quiet state of meditation and inner emptiness, in which we are abandoned in the arms of existence, we reload, we're fine and at peace, we are in touch with ourselves, go deeper and deeper into our being, and are happy.

It is only when we succeed in overcoming the network of daily thoughts that we encounter ourselves and our quiet and relaxed space within. Only then we recharge our batteries with the force of the universe and come out more alive, enthusiastic and willing to contribute to life the best of us.

Meditation is the state of inner silence which is reached through the practice of certain techniques, which are defined as meditation or meditation techniques. Each technique has its specific approach to the multi-dimensionality of human awareness and for this reason it differs in practical attitude and activity.

The state of meditation is also known as, peace of mind, or inner peace, or quietness of the being. Once understood, it can be brought into our everyday life and every thing can become a meditation technique. When we perpetually enter in a state of meditation, there is complete detachment from the identification of roles and habits of mind and emotion, and this defined as enlightenment.

Summing Up. Meditation is the conscious state of inner silence, pure consciousness, quietness, and all-embracing emptiness. It is the attitude of witnessing anything happening inside us, with detachment, stillness, and solitude. It is pure subjectivity and impersonality; it means exiting mind, time, and space and returning home, in the core of existence. Meditation nourishes our consciousness and welcomes all.

The benefits of meditation – alongside bringing us in touch with our most intimate and diverse reality, the divine in us – are those who relaxing our body, mind and soul, making us feeling good, giving us peace of mind, the ability and clarity of vision, the tranquility to face life challenges and, perfectly, if this is our personal goal, enlightenment, that is union with the absolute, and the consequent incorporating into it. The state of meditation is therefore also known as enlightenment.

Let's now learn all the techniques; practice them daily; spend an hour just in our own company, and share, if we feel like, what emerges to our conscience during this intimate time. Peace.