Now that all the excitation of the holiday season is over, and there are short days, and cold, dark nights I've been feeling exhausted, bored, over-stimulated, fat and have a really weird feeling of being disconnected. Of having one foot in this world and one foot in the new one that has descended upon us. And just as all the design gurus tell us to get rid of the clutter in our homes, I must and want to do the same for my brain.

So, I have discovered seven ways to help detox this ole 'noggin of mine.

Day 1: Power Down.

For starters I have taken the TV out of my bedroom because I inevitably fall asleep with it droning on through the night. I have put a book on my night table instead. And, on those evenings when I'm home, I no longer stare for hours in an almost trance-like state at the computer, reading about the lives of people I do not even know. I also keep my iphone in my bag when I'm out with friends because I really find it ridiculous to be sitting there texting when I'm supposed to be socializing with my peeps. Not only that, it's rude.

Day 2: Power Up.

If I take the time to sit in stillness and in quiet, to let all that crap that natters away in my head 24/7, I soon discover that despite that air guitar rendition of “Born in the USA” that I mentally play in my head is not really necessary when it's time for a quiet moment. So, instead of a commentary that goes something like this – “I forgot to pick up Stain Remover. How sloppy am I? My boob's itchy. nose stopping running like a faucet? ” Then, a chorus of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” and back to “How am I gonna remember to get that Stain Remover?” I begin to notice that when I take the time to shut the noise out of my chattering brain, I become noticeably less distracted the next time. The power of a calm moment is this: I get to 'break open the vintage bottles and woke the real Band.'

Day 3: Forgive and Forget?

I mean who does not have an Ex that just makes your blood boil thinking about them? I have finally realized that I have been carrying around this emotional baggage with me for long enough. And, the only way I can really get rid of this excess luggage is to become aware that I own these negative feelings and that I must re-train my brain in order to release them. This means that forgiveness is not about forgetting. Forgiveness is not condemning what happened or my feelings about it. Forgiveness is not excusing the other person his or her actions. But, forgiveness is unconditional. And, forgiveness is a process that happens over time and something that I do for myself.

Day 4: Gratitude

I've come to learn that when I appreciate what I have, what I have appreciates in value. Cool eh? So, basically when I am grateful for what I already have in my life, it creates this greater sense of happiness in myself, more positive emotions. And, that's without having to go out and buy anything! Wow! Makes sense to me!

Day 5: Healthy Eating

I ate so many goodies and wonderful things over the holidays that I was beginning to feel like the Good Year Blimp! Why do I do this to myself ?? !! Why do not I have the argument to say to myself “Stop.” I do not even have a particular craving for sweets on a regular basis … craving salt is my thing. But, over the holiday season I just can not seem to get enough of those decadent delights. So, now, once again, I have to tune up the brain to start eating sensibly. Salads, fruit, vegetables, healthy protein, lots of water, and an “I can do this attitude.”

Day 6: Exercise

Oh, surprise, surprise. I actually need to get up off my duff and exercise these body parts? Well, I'm gonna start small. I'll take a 30 minute walk a day. And, while I'm at it, I'm gonna make it a meditative walk. Leave my iphone at home. Just repeat in my head “left, right” as I move my feet. That's it. Leave all those annoying voices at home too. You know the ones – the nag, the bitch, the worrier. I do not need those friends trailing along with me while I'm trying to get in shape.

Day 7: Stop Over-Thinking

Which really in the end means to second guess myself. What if this should happen? What if they do not like you? What if you do not know the answer? All these little voices again creeping into my head are really not necessary because they make me feel like crap. They are negative, they hamper my ability to problem solve, it saps my motivation and creativity, and it interferees with my initiative and concentration. I must STOP. And assume the best instead of the worst. This will take lots of practice I know. But, I must take control of my brain. Or, it will control me. So, this one's a keeper.

Ah … So much to remember. The Mind Leads. The Body Follows.