Meditation has grown in popularity as more have been exposed to it and its benefits over the years. I was unfamiliar with it, only correlated it to the monks and their religious ceremonies. Not until recently I did take the time to try to understand what it was and how it could help me through my difficult times.

When investigating what it is to moderate, definition alone can be vague and misleading to the reader. Looking it up in the dictionary yields a precise explanation, but is void of what it really means after realizing the benefits from practicing it.

To Meditate definition according to Websters: “To be in constant, contemplative thought”

Truth is, meditation for me is void of thought, allowing me to dissipate the negativity that companies those thoughts. After practicing meditation for a few months now, I've noticed a basic change in how I look at things and feet about myself.

So, when I was learning how to meditate, definition of what it meant to me became my own.

It's easier to handle the unexpected : I feel I have a better grasp on the concept of accepting things simply because sometimes, they just are. “It is what it is” plays through my mind quite often through the day.

So when these unexpected changes occur, I feel better equipped to move past it with minimal resistance.

I feel more relaxed during the day : Now that I feel more confident in facing the unexpected, I can relax more, knowing I can handle it.

Granted, this only considers the little unexpected change, but I have noticed a difference in my reaction to the greater disappointments that surface. They still get to me, just not as meaningful as before. The little acceptance lead to a better response regarding the larger ones, enabling me to know that sometimes, “It is what it is.”

I do not wake up angry anymore : There were countless times when I would wake up in the morning, feeling angry from some temporary feeling that lingered around from yesterday or I would have to face today. First thing in the morning, I would have a knot tied in my stomach, angry and frustrated about a situation I was in.

Since meditating, the disgruntled feelings I used to have when I woke up have dissipated. I awaken with a much more brighter outlook on the day and know I'm in control of how I feel.

More sense of self-control : I've never noticed before, but I was a prisoner of my own emotion. How I felt dictated how my day was going to go and how I was going to interact with others. Easily distracted and irritable, these feelings would plague me through the day.

But shortly after taking time to meditate, definition of how my day went changed. I began to see how I could dictate how I felt, I had control of my emotions and it was all related to how I reacted.

Gained a better understanding of myself : It's hard going through life not knowing who you are. There's an emptiness that you feel, unable to fill because you are not sure of what you are missing.

Again, once I started meditating, I began to get a better grap of what I really wanted out of life. I began to understand my own importance and know that I affected everything around me. As I continue to meditate, definition of myself has become easier to understand.

Meditation can be a powerful tool in settling your thoughts, discovering who you are and who you want to be. Using the knowledge to meditate, definition and meaning can be up to you.