Meditation is a widely used tool to acquire or maintain self control. Gaining control of your thoughts and thought process can give you something you never had before; peace. My 5 keys to meditation are; finding a good environment, expect positive results, start slow, and go with your thoughts, regularity and consistency. Throughout this article I'll explain each key in further detail.

1. Find a good meditation environment-
Your first task is to find a good place to meditate. If you are more comfortable or peace outside; go there. If you would rather be indoors on a bed, in a bathtub, it all depends on you and your comfort zone. Make sure the area is quiet and free of distractions. Be sure that you are comfortable, if you are uncomfortable, move until you are

2. Expect positive results-
Know what you want to accomplish from meditating. Expect good things to come from it. Do not have overly high expectations, but expect reasonable results.

3. Start Slow-
If you are new to meditating; start slow. Meditating for long periods of time for a beginner could prove difficult. For that reason my opinion, start with five minutes. When five minutes becomes easy consider meditating for longer spans of time. What I mean being difficult is losing focus. Holding focus for long periods of time is difficult if you are not accustomed to it.

4. Do not fight your thoughts, go with them-
Yes, meditation is meant to help you learn control of your mind and thoughts, but it is not learned right away. Instead do not control your thoughts; question them. Focus on why you had the thought and what it means. Dissecting your thoughts is what brings you to a meditation state of mind where you are very close to your inner self. Tranquility comes from knowing yourself this deeply; understanding why your mind generates certain thoughts at particular moments brings peace.

5. Regularity and consistency-
Have a regular meditation schedule, daily is the best option. Pick a time that will be easy to slip away every day. Use normal downtimes; such as kid's nap times, bedtime, or early before the day begins. Stay consistent. Try not to miss it; it's alright, just start again the next day.

I hope this article helps you begin or continue a successful meditation routine. I believe meditating is an essential tool everyone should learn to use. If you have any questions feel free to comment, if I do not know the answer I'll do my best to find it. Good Luck in your meditations.