If you've ever tried to meditate, you'll know it's not easy. Staying comfortable when you're sitting down with your legs crossed is one thing, but emptying your mind of thoughts and entering deep meditative states is another.

With that being said, there are a couple of techniques that can help you deepen your meditation experience. Be sure to read the entire article as I've also included a quick bonus tip that can help you clear your mind of distractions in seconds.

How To Deepen Your Meditation Experience

# 1 Mindfulness Meditation

This is a meditation technique that is used by Buddhists. In Eastern origins, it's commonly referred to as “insight meditation.” Mindfulness Meditation focuses on the here and now – present moment.

The goal with mindfulness meditation is to observe your thoughts. The mindfulness technique is all about focusing on what is going on around you, and more importantly, what you are feeling at the moment in time.

To start the mindful technique process you would pay close attention to your breathing, likened to the “watching breathe” technique. Focus on your long, deep and relaxed breaths until you have a comfortable and relaxing rhythm.

Then you switch to heavily focusing on what's going on in your mind. The thoughts you are experiencing and how you feel, and pay close attention to the sights and even sounds that surround you.

Observing without analyzing is the key with this meditation technique. Slowly clearing your mind of any wayward thoughts and distractions.

# 2 Simple Mantra Meditation

The mantra meditation technique is focused on helping you focus your attention on a single task so that your mind is not easily distracted. It has long been proved that by focusing all your attention into one particular task you can greatly reduce the probability of your mind from wandering.

The Mantra meditation technique works by repeating a word or phrase over and over during meditation. In traditional Eastern practices the word or phrase would generally be chosen for you to meditate when applying the Mantra technique. But you can choose any mantra such as 'joy', 'love', or 'peace'.

It's recommended to repeat your word / phrase on a mental level although still out loud is ok as well. The key here though is not to get sidetracked, focus only on repeating your chosen word or phrase.

Once you have developed a good rhythm of breathing, you should repeat your mantra on every inhale and every exhale. If your mind does start wandering during meditation, then bring your awareness back to your breath and repeat your mantras again.

Bonus Tip For Deepening Your Meditation

One technique that really helped me to focus when I was learning to meditate was to light a candle and focus my sight upon the flame. I do not know why by when you give the gently swaying flame your undivided attention, the thoughts empty from your mind. Trust me, try it .. it works.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, two simple tips that can help you deepen your meditation practice. Do not forget my bonus tip as well, it really helps you to channel your mental energy into something, helping you to cultivate mindfulness at the same time.